African cultural class sponsored by the Nikki drug alone show you are now watching the know that my thinking was outdated and that the picture graph wasn't the oldest right and then they went to a novel call and I came back and I say no no I wasn't talking about the met election did you find an agent I was talking about the original division of writings that you find in caves that date back to sixty-five thousand seven thousand hundred thousand years and that's what I was trying to show but now the major part about it that that shot was like maybe three months ago right but come to find out as a February right you got some researchers there's now saying the same thing that I was saying dad they're modernized behavior first of all my knives behavior go back to these 170,000 years in pinnacle point will you find these Africans are taking an okra and breaking it down and you picked me mixing an egg with it and making a certain mix right you just was taping themselves suggesting Harley behavior which in his mind he also at these sites right they felt that you had four words with fire so these people in 107 years and knew how to get things done to sharpening weapons and those so things so in this magazine news science is right the details discs the details is America Africa the United States South Africa South America Australia you got Frank's funny symbols right here you find this summer I hate his dog on you the spiral you find across sort of X you found the pyramid shape you find the snake shape you find the star cluster the circle with the dot you know the afternoons you know the table the black dot and find all these symbols you find them symbols dead you find all over the world but the symbols came up out of Africa South Africa you got Uganda Tanzania oval River you got the Nile Valley you find that it was a great Ice Age right so all this just reason feeling was in Hannibal at certain points in time right and the British people migrated down here and came back up well this is where the first rhyming symbols are correct 70,000 65,000 and the end up in Europe be coming from all the Africans dr. ben says and then give us our first concept or what they've missed common guns and I'm gonna get into that gap but I want to show you these symbols here you're first Brian organized right in picture graph I call it a vet election right the design is a symbol of nature with natural natural instincts symbols created by right then progressed through the whole world see that but these date back to 65 thousand years 35,000 years and southern friends now they know that we were the southern reason that you got the Strait of Gibraltar named after the Africans English wheat not sure right but this trait was definitely named after him but the point I'm making here is this is just for Western Mohammed that you was wrong and saying it brother wrong talking about the size of the symbols cuz there they go and in this magazine right the Stone Age cold okay now they stopped and realized the damn these these paintings in these caves was actually a title you started already for Justin did these painted these cave writings was telling the story and I've always said that because I've always looked at the cave painting it's been the first right but now we got to Europe in the green net you got these two Europeans what they actually did was they actually went around and mapped all the kings and got a catalogue and it was amazing finding the same damn symbols was in the same thing so how did that happen some people least believed that the same symbol just popped up there but do our researcher dr. Ben and Johnny because we found right there is a migration even in the journey of man right you know National Geographic they show your migration okay but now this migration that they're showing right here National Geographic is now officially outdated and I'll get into why's outdated but it does show that the like human existence start to all the sponsors felt an oil from her I mean it's found either not North America my fault there's no author logical you may know author lots of information to support ancient life and after there's a matter of fact you got the it's about what e o en longer time I she got the note ah I see right here up into fifteen thousand years ago okay this was frozen with ice and no for her long time I see look it up Norma time I see look that out so it was frozen so you don't got no ancient people no wearing because all this whole reason right here was frozen that's the United States and that's when you get the Great Lakes respond when these icy started to retreat then you get Niagara Falls right and did you get the great niggas all that come from the Laurentide ice sheet turn away first and melting and form the Great Lakes and Niagara Falls okay but not before fifteen thousand so when you say ancient man or the first black people spell North America ancient that's not the truth because the Laurentide Ice Sheet crews that and you go to a museum and and it's a is rewriting prehistory this – that suggests we might need to rethink our ideas about pretty strong people dis to put we're saying it says need to be think ideas about pretty strong people volunteer that's the white woman says this incredible diversity and continuity of us suggests that symbolic revolution may have occurred before the arrival the first human beings in your yeah we know that you understand okay if she is right it would push back the date of creative explosion by tens of thousands yes the idea would sing to fit with a future trend I'm translating findings that have emerged from Africa and the Middle East over his years at blue moons cave in South Africa a little box in the box okay I'll do the same if any future fling findings emerging in Africa and the movies or at Blue Mosque a the South Africa southern KT for example rocky islands have recently discovered pieces of hair medic and iron oxidized you to make great pigment and great with abstract designs that are at least seventy five thousand years oh you can find it in value to 23 days 565 and science magazine okay meanwhile at the sort of rock sheltered in Israel yeah that's a good angle damn Israel is Israelites there at 75,000 years let's get that established right just black people don't try to Africans that's where African school rock me write this yes k h UL get up in israel there are there are shell beads considered by considered by some of the eternal ornaments and evidence for symbolic behavior as far back as 100,000 years ago you find out in science magazine value 312 page 1785 further evidence may well come from caves elsewhere in the world and indeed a tentative look at the extensive record suggests that many of von kuchler symbols crop up in other places see the map on page 32 or show you how to map the open angles symbols for example can be seen on engravings that


  1. We don't need validation from a European to tell us who we are. We are the ancients of the planet therefore we are the only ones in position to tell our history. Blacks are the best at explaining history because it's always based on facts and there's never a bigoted racist bias.

  2. what an embarrassment to negrodom, how is it that they have the most ignorant people on youtube?

  3. @KnowledgeSeeker7 the fake moors lie no people at 250million years ago.and the when the continental drifts was check it out.they come with poor info.

  4. peace .. the septeti or those from sothis, sirius came here there was already scripts here, and they brought their own, where u getting the primitive tool type evolution theory stuff?

  5. @emajoronline I hear you. I heard all 3 possibilities but, I guess I have always been looking for one solid answer, which was always a bit difficult to narrow down.


  6. @ankhkakek Peace Ankh, you just gave me some homework. Pinnacle Point….I'ma check that out. I never factored in the ice ages at all, when it came to us arriving in the Americas.

  7. @emajoronline no large population of people before150000bc because of the laurentideice sheet that covered all of canada and most of america. pro. it was a moving ice sheet and when it melt it formed the great lakes and niagara falls

  8. @KnowledgeSeeker7 check out pinnacle point 170000 bc their was a great ice age ,ice ages always change the climate around the world ,the climate was rel dry in africa at that time

  9. SubatomicSmoke fucks with you Bro. Ankh' : @ the debate with false islam and tahuti, I asked false the ? about what was the language that he is going to proposed the tribe of shabazz spoke when they first appeared on the continent and he tap danced talking about he didn't come as a historian not from the N.O.I. it was I who had him buckdancing with that question, so I gave him my back to answer to. Funny I woke up today remembering that and was like this dude a fraud then log in. ANKH NHH NTR

  10. I hear you. I don't wanna play on semantics, between drifting or separated but, I think both theories are not that far off from one another. In either case, the bottom line is that, the lands are no longer together…some process separated them.

    But the question I have now is, is the earth not still all connected below the sea level? Is this not all one big rock? The tectonic plates I would they would be called…

  11. Thanks for that. Much appreciated. It is a story I'm still trying to piece together in my mind…just trying to figure out how we might have lived through the Ice Age.

    How do you suppose we arrived in the Americas?

  12. That's an interesting piece of information about the Laurentide Ice Sheet. Never knew that. Especially since I live in Canada. This helps me to overstand the whole Indians coming across the Bering Straits piece and the Indigenous Black folks (Moors) who were supposed to be here at least 10,000 years ago or so.

    Brother Ankh, I don't know if you actually read these comments but, if you do, what are your thoughts on the Continental Drift story that the Moors talk about?

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