Old Testament: Comparison of Other Ancient Literature | Is The Bible Reliable?

Dr. Robert Dick Wilson committed to the Scriptures, discovered that of 29 names of kings mentioned in the Bible,
now there’s more kings then that but these 29 are not only mentioned in the Bible,
but they are found on monuments going back to when they lived and out of 195 consonants
only 2 are even in question. After 2000-4000 years of copying. You know, I want to see just how absolutely amazing that is.
Then listen carefully. The librarian at Alexandria, Egypt in 200 BC, he
compiled a catalogue of the kings of Egypt. 38 kings in all. Today only 4 of them are even recognizable. You wouldn’t even know
what the others were if it wasn’t stated at the top. He also made a list of the kings of Assyria. Only one is
recognizable and that one is not even spelled correctly. Ptolemy drew up a register of 18 of the kings of Babylon.
Of those 18 kings, not one is spelled correctly. You want to know how amazing that is with the Bible? Listen to this. 29 kings listed in the Bible that are found in the monuments from Egypt, Israel, Moab, Damascus, Tyre, Babylon,
Assyria, Persia, from 10 different countries. One, they’re included in the Biblical account, they’re
included in the monuments and this is what they found Everyone is given his right name in the Bible, he’s given the right country, he is placed in the exact, right, chronological order. And using information taken from Egyptian monuments
in ancient literature, like Josephus, Eusebius, etc. there were about 40 kings living between about 2000 BC and 400 BC and in the Old Testament each one appears in exact chronological
order with a reference to the kings, of the same country, every single one of them is spelled correctly. There is complete agreement between the Old Testament and secular sources. What does that mean? Robert Dick Wilson said this, “That the Hebrew text should have been transmitted so accurately.” by copyist through so many centuries is a phenomena
unequaled in the history of literature.” Robert Dick Wilson, I [understand], used to say that,
“If anyone questions the accuracy of the Old Testament, tell them just to check out the spelling of the kings.” Oh, God went overboard so that you and I today could
hold the Scriptures in our hands and say, “Thus sayeth the Lord.”

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