Oh No! Author’s Laptop Died!

hey Hollywood you hungry oh he's sleepy okay yawn oh yeah I'm sleepy and I'm hungry okay so we're hanging out today the author's laptop died serious and so while he cannot write the new one came in today and I'm working on it so you've been busy huh this looks really nice of course one of the reasons why it looks so good it's because ya see that big hole under our bar it's been a barn kept trailer your oil and saddles so the saddles are gonna go with the trailer cool so somebody's gonna get a good deal hey I'm not riding today and here's why then we'll do it and something else when we're ready so a couple of days maybe you think I'm just gonna kind of go like call it cook you got the tack room looking really nice it's got that those rubber floors and in that big area I guess you could put a mattress in that same thing look at here you're not all the way done so go to the back oh you know still some more cleaning but it's got that rubber pad and it's the it's the double horse I'm messing up the video and it's a two horse so there's a like a little divider thing so yeah it's practically brand-new it's probably been on the road five times yeah okay not many lessons here probably right around 10 times on the road okay so these Nico's a video off you don't say bye

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