Official Poets in Autumn Tour 2016 Trailer

have you ever shaken hands with the devil let evil unmask itself then realize that everything you've ever believed was a lie you she attempts to make up to tsunamis sin made of a solid cover moon she tries to cover up the destruction from past before the church doors open because they'll harvest past a radio obituaries breakfast is morning the day you were born and the night round body became a corpse the only times I've seen me so her tongue is a hungry Cemetery her mouth the soil craving horses it verifies the live write her back dog but you

25 thoughts on “Official Poets in Autumn Tour 2016 Trailer

  1. What is the name of the song you all used for this trailer? Can I find it? I am in love with it and the poem too. I can't think of the word for it… I love this trailer.

  2. Last nights event blessed me to the depths of my soul! Starting with this trailer, reminded me of just how good The Lord Jesus Christ really is! Be encouraged brothers and sisters! Pay special attention to the poem "As it was in heaven" by Ezekiel. A topic needing multiple deep dive discussions leading to repentance in our day!

  3. The live taping was in Dallas 07/09 and it was a-maz-ing. Tickets go on sale Monday 07/19. I encourage everyone to see this. You won't be disappointed.

  4. bruh. Are we gonna video a stop for those of us that can't make it? please, we will pay for this awesomeness

  5. To see the amount of work that is put into this brings tears to my eyes. Excellent trailer , wishing the best for the tour and that God may be Magnified! Love you guys..Hopefully you'll do a tour in Jamaica soon!

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