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[MUSIC] Book nerd, actually do call
me book nerd I prefer that. I’m just Ariana Grande trash so you know I had to open up this
video with the new song from her. [MUSIC] Hey, everybody. My name is Michael from Team Epic Reads
and you’re watching the October Book Haul. You’re watching the October Book Haul
because it’s October now. B stands for Book Haul. I felt that I needed to explain that. So, let’s get into the video. As always I’m gonna start off with
a year of Epic Reads reading challenge. Recently, I’m noticing, I speak to
the camera like I’m a newscaster, and I can’t help it, I am sorry. Over to you, Jane. She’s not here, I’m in the room alone. For the year of EpicReads
reading challenge, the monthly challenge this
month is to fall in love. Nope, to read a book about
falling in love [LAUGH]. And so the book I picked is What If It’s
Us by Adam Silvera and Becky Albertalli. And this is a rom com between two boys who
meet in a cute at a post office one boys returning all this stuff
from his ex boyfriend and the other boy is at
the post office [LAUGH]. And then they have sort of trials and
tribulations of going out on further dates and seeing if
the universe wanted them to be together. Or if maybe they’re not meant to be,
and it’s a really really fun cute but also emotional story because these
two authors are powerhouses and I’m pointing in the right place almost. So that is the monthly
reading challenge this month. And if you want to know more
about the year of Epic Reads reading challenges check
the description down below. Onto the books. [SOUND] So the first book I’m going to
tell you guys about today is the new Veronica Roth. Sorry, that was my excitement but
it was silent excitement [LAUGH]. It is The End and Other Beginnings and it is a sci-fi short story collection of
some futuristic, mind blowing stories. One of them is set in the world
of Carve the Mark and it’s very beautifully packaged. Check out what it’s got
going on under the covers. And also got some really fantastic
art which I will show you as soon as I find it bam. So there’s really beautiful art in here
and this is just a fantastic package. I highly recommend you pick up. [SOUND] The next book I have here
is a new book from Garth Nix, like kick ass fantasy Garth Nix,
and that is Angel Mage. This is a wholly new fantasy,
that’s a pun, because wholly as in entirely but
also holy as in like religious holy. I should explain the plot so
that joke makes sense. So this follows a character named Liliath,
who has been in a magical slumber for over a century. And when she wakes up she wants to find
her lover who she left when she went into the sleep. And a lot has happened
in the world since then. Liliath also has this magic
that lets her summon angels and have them do her bidding. And she’s willing to do whatever it takes
to find the person she’s looking for. So it is an epic magical fantasy and
it’s also really shimmery. [SOUND] So the next book I have here
is from the author of Made You Up and Eliza and Her Monsters, Francesca Zappia. It’s Now Entering Addamsville. This book is very in line with Buffy or
Stranger Things if that’s what you like. It’s set in a small town where a girl is
accused of murder and she has to clear her name but that’s kind of an issue because
there might be ghosts at cause for the murder and
those ghosts are things only she can see. And so it’s a spooky, thriller,
mystery, but it’s also really funny and entertaining. And I just loved it and
I love the aesthetic of this book and you should definitely,
definitely check it out. [SOUND] And then the next book I have here
is possibly one of the most beautiful books ever designed and
that is Crier’s War by Nina Varela. Do I even have to say anything or
do I just show it? Because, no I have to say things,
because that’s part of my job. This is an enemies to lovers romance,
which you know I am trash for. And it’s set in a fantasy world that’s
sort of Westworld meets Game of Thrones. Where the Automae overthrew the humans
that were in charge of them and so the Automated are in charge and
they are these made beings. And so this one girl, who’s a human slave
is rising through the ranks in order to kill the daughter of the sovereign as
revenge for her family getting killed. And it may be the romance
between said girl and said maid, sovereign’s daughter. And so it is epic and swoony and again one of the most beautiful
books I’ve ever seen in my life. Is this hypnosis? [SOUND] So the next book I have here is, I Hope You Get This Message
by Farah Naz Rishi. The world is going to end in seven days. Or is it? That’s not real life. That’s the plot of this book. It’s about a group of people
who learn that the world may or may not be destroyed by
aliens in seven days. And so these three characters all sort of
go on their own journeys with the time that they have left with things
that are unfulfilled for them and they need wrapped up. And so, Cate is looking for her father, and Adeem is looking for
his sister who ran away, and Jesse is trying to make money, because
that’s just a very Jesse thing to do. And it’s really touching, powerful story about how people face
the end and how that changes you. So, definitely recommend. [SOUND] And the next book I have here
was just recently long listed for the National Book Award. So, it’s so fantastic and
it is Thirteen Doorways, Wolves Behind Them All by Laura Ruby. And it’s a historical fiction story set in
Chicago, against the backdrop of World War ll, about this girl who was
abandoned at an orphanage. And also a ghost and how those two stories
intertwine, and it’s so powerful and touching and it’s just something
you have to read to understand, and I highly, highly recommend it. [SOUND] So the next book I have here
is When You Ask Me Where I’m Going by Jasmin Kaur. And this is a collection of poetry,
prose and illustrations that tell the story of a woman who is
fleeing from a history of abuse and trauma to raise her daughter in
North America, but undocumented. And it’s a story of resilience and
hardships and what it’s like to be a woman in
world where you’re not always heard. And it’s just so empowering and
fantastic and beautiful. And J-Lo and Tessa Thompson have posted
about the author Jasmin Kaur’s work and I just, so good you guys. [SOUND] The next book I have here is
a Kingdom For A Stage by Heidi Heilig. It is the sequel to For
a Muse of Fire and I am truly like a cat. I am so distracted by anything that’s
shiny and this is an epic fantasy series and it follows a girl who has the magical
ability to imbue souls into puppets. And following what went down in the first
book, which was some pretty serious and scary stuff, I will say,
she is a wanted criminal now and has to face whether or
not what she did with her magic and what she had to do was right or
wrong and both the good and the bad because she did a little
bit of both, but not intentionally. I’m being super vague but it’s hard to
talk about sequels, but again epic, dark, magical fantasy. [SOUND] The next book I have here is
The Never Tilting World by Rin Chupeco. And this an epic fantasy as well about
a world where long, long ago an ancient prophecy was broken and the world was
sort of split and stopped turning. And so
one side is cloaked in endless day and the other side is cloaked
in endless like cold night. And it follows two goddesses’ daughters
who will go on a dangerous journey in order to sort of try and
save the world. So it is an epic, epic story. [SOUND] The next book I have here is Our
Year in Love and Parties by Karen Hattrup. And this, as you can tell, involves two
party hoppers who are sort of living to move on from their past and live in
the present day and figure out their future because they’ve both been
through a lot of different things. And sort of find a connection in each
other that’s special to them and they also have the book set
at parties as you can tell. So it’s a really interesting narrative and
really, really powerful story. It’s poignant and it’s funny and so good. [SOUND] And the next book I have here
is The Athena Protocol by Shamim Sarif. And this is,
if it looks badass it’s because it is, it’s like a team female
Mission Impossible. And it follows a girl, who works for
this all female organization, where they’re supposed to capture
their targets, not take them down. But one point she is unable
to stop herself and so she’s kicked off of this organization for
going too far. But she needs to redeem herself and feels
like her time there isn’t over, and so she goes rogue to continue
trying to right her wrongs and also help her old teammates, but
then they’re ordered to take her down. So danger is all sides. She has no one to protect her back. And there’s still some shady stuff
going on nonstop, so this, so sick. [SOUND] And then I have
All The Things We Do In the Dark, which comes out at the end of October,
so I do not have the finished book yet. This is the ARC, and this a book
about the scars that secrets leave. And it follows the girl who has a scar
across her face in a story that she does not want to share. And she just wants to continue
getting through her life. But when in the forests of her town she
finds someone else’s secrets laying frozen it opens up a light on her and
having to speak up and no longer be able to just pass along and
having to face the secrets that she has been trying
to keep in the secrets that she’s found. And so it’s a really dark emotional. [SOUND] And now I’m going to talk about
some books we got from other publishers this month, the first of which
is Permanent Record by Mary H.K. Choi and this cover is so
fantastic because like, where did he go? Now he’s tiny. Now he’s big. Now he’s tiny. Now he’s big. I think it’s cool and this is a story about a regular guy in
credit card debt working at a bodega. Doesn’t think he’s got too much going
on for him and then its also about a superstar pop sensation who comes
into the Bodega and they meet at 5 AM. And you wouldn’t think there would
be anything between them but it’s their stories about them learning
about themselves and each other. And it’s a really really fun romance and,
where did he go? There he is. I have to stop,
someone take this away from me. Again there’s no one here. [SOUND] And then the final book that I’m
going to tell you guys about today is The Guinevere Deception by
the fantastic Kiersten White. And this is a reimagining of the Arthurian
legend which follows Guinevere as she goes to marry a stranger,
who is King Arthur. And it’s full of magic,
and the tagline is, there’s nothing in the world as
magical and terrifying as a girl. And so, I’m in. Probably going to start
this after this video ends. I’m actually going to finish work and
then I’m going to start this. But that was the video,
thank you guys so much for watching. We went through a lot of books,
but I’m feeling good about it. I’m excited about each and
every one of these reads. I hope you guys are to comment down
below with what you’re most excited for in the month of October. And I’ll see you guys next month. I will try to be more seasonally festive,
okay, bye. [MUSIC]

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