NTOZAKE SHANGE, poet, playwright, performer, and novelist

I had always imagined that I behaved II doing him a Rangi with applying 90 year old gentleman because I had always imagined that would I be able to do and I had looked forward to it because I've seen 80 year old women do mumbles and I ran games with their partners and at different Latin dances and I wanted to be that and now I know I'll never be that I I have found that I can Mambo with my king it's not a lot of Julian beautiful Mambo but I can't keep rhythm and I can't go around in a circle around my cane and I don't miss dancing as much as I used to because I can dance it's just a different performance that doesn't look the same as everybody else's but I can do it I can move I have been walking around the house because I could walk I was walking around the house and this poem has started coming these words started coming to my head and I couldn't stop them it was like a rush of language kept this pummel thing around my brain and I said oh my god that's a poem I have a poem and I was so startled I was so pleased I didn't want to lose it so I kept having these thoughts like kept thinking them and I tried to keep them but I didn't know what to do because I I didn't know how I was going to say them because dragon 13 which is a voice recognition typing wouldn't work for me because my diction wasn't clear enough but I okay I'll write it out by hand because the the occupational therapist evident helping me learn how to use my hands to front and right right right with my hands but when I did that I tried to write the palm down but the words are coming so fast as I tried to write them down fingers started to really eke and they started to cramp up and I said oh god I can't do this this way and so then I only had the computer tool out but I hadn't had the strength and my fingers or the control over my fingers to get them to hit a specific key with it with a similar kind of strength you need to make the key go down the hand and they will do that and I had tried but I said that all I've got left unless I want to lose this home I better go rear and try and my fingers worked not all of them like two or three fingers worked and I was able with these Tory fingers to write the first time I had written in at least seven or eight years when I've been writing ever since and saw those paws which are new from 2016 are in the new book well along with the older ones and so I was so happy that I could I could write again and that the process was the same that the words would start jingling in my head I would feel the need to write them down and save them and I would go and do that and then refine them and that's how I always used to work and I was able to work that way again so so in that sense creativity is a gift that I get from if I do the rest of my work like from working on my body I was able to get to the gift of being creative you

15 thoughts on “NTOZAKE SHANGE, poet, playwright, performer, and novelist

  1. POWERFUL 4 minutes.
    My first adult live theater 🎭 experience (vs childhood productions like Nutcracker & Black Nativity) that can recall was For Colored Girls Who Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuf… In 1989 on Martha’s Vineyard. My aunt Marla choreographed the play, which I was so fortunate to witness in rehearsals, and one of the SIXTEEN sold out shows. It was my aunt’s inaugural piece on the island, and it was wildly successful.
    It was also PROFOUNDLY moving for me. In later years, particularly as a young adult, the piece and YOU, Ntozake, have become a great inspiration. Even here, attuned to this video, I feel reignited, FULLY inspired, and reassured. This message is divinely times, 100% meant for me.
    I hope others FULLY absorb it, as well.
    We all receive you, we appreciate you, we carry you. And I…AYE…EYE THANK YOU. πŸ’―πŸ’“πŸ’œ

    (Fun fact: That production also granted me an introduction to Spike! His then gf was one β€œthe girls” in the play.)

  2. I did her hair and told her to wear this eyeglasses 🀣 she love it so much rip Zaki 🀧🀧

  3. Rest In Spirit. You were a trailblazer. I remember growing up in Harlem in the mid 70s and falling in love with the woman on the subway poster advertising the play. This one hurt. My childhood in Harlem …

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