Now More Than Ever: Share the Content, Use Alt Tech

all right everyone in the wake of like you know the tech censorship video Crowder and his copyright claims and just looking around at the internet at the people you know the Twitter banning political campaign handles now it should probably lead to a congressional inquest but let's face it probably well remember when they had Zuckerberg they didn't even put him under oath they handle them with kid gloves the whole time even though he lied to Congress then they had then they have other like actual content creators there and they treat him like like wouldn't Rubio pretended not to know who Alex Jones was now more than ever though and I don't really do this I don't you know usually even mention that some creators do it on every video and I find it annoying that's why I avoid it but it's time for me to actually say the magic words which is to like share and subscribe if you're not subscribed to this channel you should because what's happened is the YouTube algorithms now especially for people that go into Paul politics and current events the algorithms innately favor priority creator material so if you've got several hundred news organizations which you have roughly that are given priority status if there's a major event like let's say there's a terrorist attack all of their videos will inevitably be before yours and no matter how many people are organically watching yours before because of higher audience engagement among independent creators what would happen is CNN has millions of subscribers but each video they make is fundamentally a dud I mean as far as fan engagement it's like two or three percent sometimes a few thousand people watch their videos I've got you know three hundred and whatever they're almost three hundred and seventy thousand subscribers about a tenth of what CNN has or some total like that yet the engagements far higher so before the algorithmic changes because more people were watching my content it was getting shared out more it would appear in related videos more it could potentially trend and in search results it would be higher because it's getting more attention because I am a better creator than CNN it rewarded YouTube fundamentally was a meritocracy that rewarded people that got more attention and so you can work your way up you could advance sort of through the rungs of YouTube dumb specifically because you were doing well you were interesting you were informative there's something about you people wanted to watch now the algorithm demotes you you're probably on page five six there have been cases where this has happened used to be sometimes I was if you search for something that I was covering I'd be like you know at the top of the top page within the first few results and so naturally a lot of new growth happened a lot of people would come onto the channel and subscribe because they hadn't seen the channel before they searched for the topic they saw my video they liked it they subscribed fundamentally now basically it's up to you the subscriber you're the only ones that can save your favorite independent content creators more and more people are being impacted by this at first there was a first wave of people like on the so called far-right and the wake of the data society report it looks like now the second wave of people is being targeted myself included the number of new subscribers is still there but it's considerably lower and it's even affecting and this has to do with related videos it's even affected my book sales and I know that it has to do with you I mean the volume of people watching the YouTube content means that all those who call live videos that used to be in related videos and people were searching for a cult content potentially driving book sales those are more absent now fewer of those are being seen and it appears to be a channel wide thing it's not targeted towards videos or topics it's literally targeted towards channels entire channels now are being demoted so the only way for me to reach new people reliably is for you to join me on other platforms and share the content to them that's really the only way for organic growth it requires the existing audience to be more engaged now of course our audiences as independent creators far more engaged than CNN or Jimmy Kimmel or one of their goofy audiences The Young Turks are something going on their videos very funny example Ian's of subscribers too and they struggle to you know get as many views half the time it's funny these these people think that if you just flood content all day like dude you twenty videos or something you automatically that will mop the floor of your competitors very interesting fundamentally if you support a creator when you see them upload a video you should like it that's only on YouTube but you should also share it out grab that link and put it on another platform randomly you know put it elsewhere tweet it out share it on yeah well you should definitely as well join your content creators on other platforms you know a lot of us are on gap I am links in the description now mine's bit shoot and so forth everything I upload is on bit shoot to you can interact with there and it's not algorithmically demoted it's very very funny I've got the big shoot sign back there unfortunately covered up by the tulips at the moment those have to go outside but I don't know if you can transplant them until the flowers fully go by I also don't know if you can deadhead tulips I'm not 100% sure I've never grown them before I don't know I'll have to get a tulip expert to tell me what to do how would you why too late I don't know I know that SuperMario eats him and he starts breathing fire and stuff maybe I should try that it's the right color too you know you never know could be psychoactive I know the mushrooms were by the way the feathers that he ate those weren't those weren't feathers they were they were needles that that star was a space cookie he definitely felt invulnerable no but if you like a person's content creation you should definitely share it out as widely as possible doesn't take all that much effort you know liking and stuff and also click the bell for notifications for what it's worth but if you're following me on other platforms if you follow me on gab or on Twitter or something you're getting notified of things more regularly because I share everything out there whereas on YouTube itself it's like it's hit or miss it's like maybe 10% of people are actually getting the notifications on a regular day of seams and that's a the normal tale across YouTube the problem is worse for people that are doing the current events things especially if they happen to do also edgy political commentary because they get a double whammy under the algorithm that's why I'm having problems and don't just some people like well deal with it you know your your material just isn't fresher and something anymore now it's it's an algorithmic change you can definitely tell if it were if it where the content is sliding backwards organically you should see that same decline echoed on other platforms I don't see that everything churns ahead at the same rate it's just YouTube it's very interest and Twitter Twitter about Twitter has been doing that the whole time they've been doing that for years and it's like nobody really cares it's a notification machine it's still quite under entertaining at times that's about all P cell

23 thoughts on “Now More Than Ever: Share the Content, Use Alt Tech

  1. my god! brendan eich was being bitchy and salty that gab forked brave, his 'creation'. i read the twitter thread and, man, was he angry (lol he parasited chromium himself, wot a hypocrite).

  2. Y'all fucking with my man's Styxx's ends, ya done goofed! 6.66 million shares and subscriptions will show you the true power of the people!

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  4. Just looked at the News Trending page, top result has 8,000 views in 8 hours.

    I got that on my last video and I have 5,000 subscribers, I've never made trending.

    It should be against the law for YouTube to promote mainstream trash without labeling it as a paid promotion.

    Something seriously needs to be done, they are abusing people without consequence.

  5. Gematria 'Styxhexenhammer666'
    [Jewish] 1402
    Alexandria Ocasio Cortez
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  6. Youtube went to shit the moment it monetized videos. No offense but i remember the good old days when information flowed freely, we were contacting the spirit world and everyones cat knew this was the beginning of the end…

    Styxx, you are being shadow b&. I like your vid, look at the comments, my like goes away. Re-like, it goes away. Someone else see if this also happens for them.

  8. Sign up for alternative media online sources. When the censorship occurs in 2020, we will NEED these alts to fight back: ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

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