November Unboxing: the Scribbler Box, debut novels, fan art, etc

hello everybody we got another unboxing today I am filming it in bits and pieces let's have at it shall we so this came from definitely another country I think it might have come from Australia it's from Natasha hunter oh it's a book this is the book it's called shattered as you can see very pretty very dark book one of a three-part series that's what I like to hear thank you for everything you do I hope you enjoy the book this is awesome thank you so much and I will definitely be adding this to my TBR onto the next package and it's gift wrapped and everything Jenna thank you for all of your amazing videos I'm still learning and growing and these videos have taught me a lot PS I loved the Savior's champion safe the writer thank you so much as so cute I'm saving this this is the book let's see what's inside and a sudden the pacifist sword this is the cover thank you so much safe for sending this to me you know I have been waiting for this I will be adding it to my TBR and I look forward to reading it so that's all I've got to unbox today and put I'll be right back with more unboxing in three two one go alright guys you know the drill today is an unboxing video and got a huge stack of stuff to unbox so it's not waste any time let's get right to it the first thing I have is this little guy from Samantha Sims from Australia it's a little dear Jenna hello and good day from Australia I wanted to thank you for the insight and advice you give to fellow writers through your videos you have helped to give me courage to return to a finished first draft I've been sitting on I'm now revising the story and hope to publish it in the future instead of worrying so much about the people who always try to say it won't happen or it's a waste of time fuck the haters right that's right you said it I also wanted to thank you for the savior's champion which quickly became a favourite for me oh my heart I'm definitely looking forward to the savior sister and ready to learn more about Layla I hope you enjoy the small writer friendly gift I included along with the map I drew for my novel in progress thanks again Samantha Sims ooh let's look at this map here is the map of the world in her story I don't know if you can see it because the lights are like washing it out but it's pretty fucking detailed moving on to the gift it's a little Australia note book set you guys know writers and notebooks they're like peanut butter and jelly comes with a little Australia pen thank you so much Samantha I love this on to the next we've got this package I don't know what it is it could be a book like a really thin book oh it is a book hello Jenna my name is Julia I'm a senior in high school and I've been a fan of your videos for quite some time I found you shortly after I started what became my debut novel congratulations your videos and work have been such an inspiration to me you're always so down to earth and have such a great attitude about the whole process that's really sweet when I first decided to publish the scavenger I was totally overwhelmed but your videos made it much more manageable and gave me the confidence to pursue my dreams today I'm 18 years old the scavenger has been out for almost a year now and I have another book that I'm planning to launch this spring you continue to inspire me each and every day never stop creating love Julia PS I was one of the winners of the TSD giveaway I won two candles and I loved smelling them while I read the savior's champion the book itself was amazing I haven't read fantasy that dark and intense in a long time and the candles made the reading experience that much better oh I'm so glad that's awesome we've got a bookmark as you guys know I do collect bookmarks so this is going in the collection and we've got the book yeah look at this cover this is a cover that screams this book is intense dude I mean I'm excited about this the formatting is pretty she's got a really cute author photo in the back you're so pretty Julia thank you so much for sending this to me it is immediately going in my TBR I'm excited next up we've got another package this is from Joseph I think it might be another book you guys know I love the books I love receiving books woohoo this is a crazy cover holy shit Joseph t Rayburn detective soul blood in the redwoods you guys look at this creepy ass cover that is some Slenderman crazy shit going on I love it – Jenna thank you for all the amazing YouTube content it helps me to finally get my own written work into the world and I'm incredibly grateful Thank You Joseph oh we got another book I'm adding to the TBR my TBR is gonna be overflowing soon and that's a good thing now we have oh we have a letter okay this is from grace dear Jenna I'm sixteen stop texting me boo someone dressed up in Leila from TSD for Halloween okay we need a look at this oh my gosh this is amazing look at this I don't know if you can see but she totally nailed it she's even caught the black cloak thank you so much Briana for sharing this you look incredible okay the letter dear Jenna I'm 16 and I have wanted to write a book ever since I was 12 but never knew how so I cannot even begin to describe how helpful you've been to me you have helped me every step along the way and continue to do so thanks to you my cyberpunk mystery is progressing beautifully well not really the draft is shit but thanks to you I can work on making that shit into something beautiful exactly dude the first draft is always shit that's just how it goes don't worry about it it's normal and can I just say I love the way you present yourself you are very honest and down-to-earth and explain things so mice supid Android brain can understand it's also great to know that I'm not the only writer out there that suffers from depression and anxiety you have always been and always will be a huge encouragement to me thank you so much Jenna love grace PS I just ordered the savior's champion and I can't wait to stay up to 2 a.m. reading it oh this is really really nice I really appreciate this you guys may not know I do save all of your messages and letters they mean a lot to me I'm feeling down I go through them and they always make my day so thank you next up we've got another package that seems like it it went through the ringer through delivery so much so that they'd like to put it in a plastic bag so hopefully when I was inside survived but this is from Cynthia oh this is a pretty book this is the book the glassed dragon princess by Cynthia Paine back is like an explosion of color dear Jenna I wanted to send you a special thank you for all the advice and for all the times you looked into the camera instead of suck it up the shit is hard to deal with it uh-huh it's true it is hard I present to you my debut novel you're creating lots of good waves in the indie community and it's so cool that I get to be on that wave thank you again for all that you do you're an inspiration to us Indies even on days you don't feel like it you are by Cynthia Payne thank you so much did I see a picture oh the header is have like little dragons on them that's pretty fuckin badass thank you so much Cynthia we've got another addition to the TBR and I can't wait next we've got the ever anticipated scribbler box I am so excited these things are always great I always know I'm gonna get something I love whoo it's all Halloween theme – hold on hold on I have to show you so first off we've got the writing exercise most fiction novels have three to four parts with something at the end of each one that raises the stakes in the space below jot down a list of ideas I can mistakes for your main character this is a really good exercise I've noticed a lot of people who submit questions to me sometimes struggle with story structure and that's exactly what this is for this is helping people figure out the structure of their novel I think it's brilliant do the exercise guys this will help you a lot next we've got a candle we've got a candle I'm one of those women who's just constantly lighting candles in her home because guys it's relaxing and it makes everything smell good okay my life is stressful I need all the relaxation I can get this is made by Nava Lee yours candles and it's called muse fuse and it's coffee plus vanilla plus orange you guys already know vanilla is one of my favorite scents so I think oh this smells hella good guys it kind of starts off like a vanilla latte and then it has a kick of orange at the end it smells so good I love this and this is perfect for fall not like we really experienced fall here in California but still okay next up we have a book like are there two books oh it's a notebook yes more notebooks I'm your friends look how pretty this notebook is it's a dia de los muertos notebook Wow I don't know if you can tell but it's like glossy and kind of iridescent dude this box has hella shit so we've got the writer magic this is where you get like an invitation to speak with someone knowledgeable in the writing community exclusive chat with Lindsey rose Lindsey Rose is a senior editor at Grand Central publishing and this chat is on November 8th I did not miss it you guys a half the time I've open this box I've missed the chat but I didn't realize that even if you miss it it's available to watch for like the next 30 days so I could have still watched the chat and I just had no I because that's right I'm stupid next we've got a temporary tattoo that's cute come on focus bitch focus bitch it's I don't know if you guys can see it but it says that your story matters super cute oh this is so funny it's a king diamond scribbler exclusive ten funny story I have no idea if I'm saying his name right but you guys know who I'm talking about okay here we have a cute little writer button super super cute this is adorable and we've got the scribbler passport this is all about plotting so this is a little passport that gives you tips on how to plot your novel which goes right into the whole writing exercise theme of structure love these guys they're super helpful next we have the publishing process inside look we're thrilled to share this inside look at copy edits for Robert Prince's book The Night Stalker so basically if you go inside the little notebook it'll show you what copy edits look like what to expect when you're going through that process which is really helpful if you've never been through it before and we've got the book so first we've got a bookmark yeah and here is the book it is the Night Stalker by Robert with the last name I will never get right I have never heard of this I have no idea what it's about but it looks fucking intense we've got a book plate as you guys know I finally learned how to use these things oh let me put use a stick or in here where the fuck is it gonna say here we go get in here bitch a huge thank you to Victoria and Lindsey for sending me another scribbler box these boxes are fucking awesome honestly I think this is my favorite one so far because it had so many goodies and of course I love candles okay I love it I think they're just getting better with each box but this one definitely is my favorite last up for the day is this package the big one this is from Sara look there's a bunch of stuff in here there's this I think this is Mia and I think this is me and cliff which is super cute hi Jenna I've been watching your videos for a while now and while I am not currently writing a book I am instead of learning to create a video game and want to put what I have learned to good use in creating a proper horror game ooh that's awesome I am also a booktuber my channel is words and flames and I'm an artist on the side included it in this box or some items I picked up at the local market and some of my own art pieces I created for you and a bookmark of the art thank you so much for the amazing educational videos Sara so these are the bookmarks this is the original artwork baby look at us in my favorite colors we've got these cute little pins go away leave me alone that's right guys I'm a bitch next we have some beehive bombs who smells really good I will definitely be using this and we've got a little baggie it's this like adorable soap it's so pretty it's got this pretty little knitting underneath it's on this like little wooden slaving thank you so much Sarah this was really thoughtful you did not have to do this that's all the unboxing I've got for now I'm sure I will have more a little bit later or right now all right I've got an interview with one of my favorite podcasts spoon of consciousness and a little bit but I've got some time to kill so I figured let's unbox some shit shall we I'm starting with this thing because I don't know what it is I got actually have an idea I think I know what it is it's a 100 this is what I thought it was ah open up bitch the wonderful Breanna messaged me letting me know she was going to be sending me a writer calendar thank you so much free on ax this is really really cool I really appreciate it moving on we've got a letter so this is from a Marie May Layton hello sideward Queen Jennah my name is Amory but to my readers I am a Marie may I live in a faraway place known as Maine where it rains in one town and snows in the next one over I'm writing to you today because I want to thank you for the past few years I've been struggling with depression and anxiety which has crippled some of my writing I'm still trying and I'm currently working on my first manuscript watching your videos has not only been informative to my writing career but has also been a form of escape where I can just be calm and watched someone who writes such amazing work I own your book the saviors champion which not only has the best humor also has gore violence and language that I enjoy I love reading and I can't find many great books that have these factors you have a way with words and can hook people in just a prologue I love that prologue very much by the way keep it gory well I thank you I hope you know how much of an inspiration you are my friend and I just found out we both want you and we talked about how you've helped both of us with our writing you are an amazing person in writer and I can't wait for the savior sister thank you for everything Jenna and if you can tell cliff I said hi and that I wish him the best with his music sincerely an adoring fan and future author and remail lately thank you thank you so much oh I like my face from smiling this is really smooth the last thing we've got is this guy right here it's hard hola Jenna how are you I hope you and cliff are doing good during the month of October the drawing community had inktober 2018 because I was reading the savior's champion I was in the mood to draw some of the characters from TFC Tobias and Layla especially in this envelope you should have all five drawings that I did of your thrilling novel I hope you like them and I hope they give you a little bit of joy your fan Adlon Judi Kennedy torez I saw this online and it's even cuter in person oh it's Tobias and Layla sitting in the stairwell he's got his leg hung over the steps because it's injured here is cute little Naomi oh I love her we've got come on focus yeah damn dirty bitch what the fuck we've got a picture of Layla right here we've got a picture of Tobias right here looking all murdery my favorite kind of Tobias he's murdering us fuck right now and we have Tobias and Layla dancing ah this is like all I want I just want I just want a million pictures of Tobias and Layla dancing thank you so much Adlon sorry that my camera is being a total dildo and not focusing on any other pictures but I really love this this is super exciting I actually asked my family for a Scott book for Christmas so that I can save all of the artwork and the letters that you guys send me and have it all compiled and neatly I'm really really excited so that's all I've got for this month's unboxing if you guys are interested in any of the books or products or companies that I unboxed they're all linked below check it out a huge thank you to everyone who sends me all of these awesome goodies like I've said before it's super exciting and humbling for me these videos are always my favorite to film because it's like Christmas I'm just really honored that you guys think of me and that you send me your books and you send me gifts I mean it just makes my day I love it don't forget to subscribe to my channel I post new videos on Wednesdays and if you want to be alerted as soon as I upload all you gotta do is ring that Bell right there do it the savior's champion is available in eBook hardback signed hardback as well as paperback you should definitely pick up a copy it's an amazing book you won't regret it and be sure to follow me on social media I'm on it the Graham Tumblr Facebook and of course you can tweet me at generosity by you

43 thoughts on “November Unboxing: the Scribbler Box, debut novels, fan art, etc

  1. Fun video, I’m really interested in The Scribbler Box, I just completed my first outline for my future debut novel🤞and need to crank up the tension and the complications for my heroine. And Jenna always remember, it’s not that California lacks seasons it’s that the rest of the country lacks subtlety 😁

  2. How many times do I have to dislike the ads before they actually stop playing them? The past two weeks I've disliked their videoes numerous times and have sat through close to 100 runs of the ad. Many times were back to back.

  3. I'm glad mine made it safely across the world. Thank you again Jenna for being such a great help and inspiration to so many of us! -Samantha Sims

  4. HOLY SHIT YOU GOT MY INKTOBER DRAWINGS! I was worried you would never get them because I had a bad experience with sending stuff to PO addresses . . . Stuff never make it -_-. I'm glad you got them and love them Jenna, enjoy 😀

  5. I had a shitty day (because my thyroid decided to behave like an a*hole) and you just made it better. Thank you, Jenna!

  6. Hey Jenna! Im not sitting on any stories, nothing is written so far, all of it is in my head and wants to crack it wide open. Never done something like this, while im commited to let it out. It will be a challenge, since English is not my native spoken language, but fuck those hurdles, im gonna manage it anyway.
    And now i wanna ask you a couple of things.
    How far may i go with vulgar language in dialogs, and if i can use them as a writer's voice in descriptions, etc. (Do i use sewer system, or its okay to go with shitpipe?)
    Can i create my own fantasy characters and use only them, or should i add some well known forms like fairies (mine would not be so fairy, but something dark and hideous).
    Im no romantic guy, but i wanna use some for the readers' sake. That said, i feel embarrassed when i have to describe my feelings or put romantic words on a piece of paper, let alone have people reading them.
    Please HELP, and sooner or later you will be unboxing my cracked head in a form of a fantastic fantasy series (because the plot will not be fit in one finished book), but i must pick your brain for advice first.
    Thanx! @

  7. After reading TSC, all I'm thinking about is TSS. Maybe that was Jenna's plan.

    Maybe we are all in the labyrinth, and the wait for TSS is our challenge. Good luck competitors.

  8. I have to wonder – how often is Clif nearby when you're doing these videos, and how often do you have to cut from him cracking up or making a remark or noise in the background?
    Loved this video, Jenna! I'm getting back into writing after a depression hiatus and rediscovering my zest for life, and it's been a slow and arduous process – your videos have been so inspirational and helpful along with the support of a book-writing course I'm enrolled in! Looking forward to your next one, and while The Savior's Champion doesn't sound like my normal cup of tea, I'll definitely have to check it out – and I just ordered a copy of _EVE_, a book I've been wanting to read since it first came out!
    Looking forward to more, Jenna. Have a good one!

  9. Hi Jenna how are you? I have a question… So I'm writing a dark fantasy paranormal novel (pretty much a haunted house story set in a fantasy world) and I'm writing it for Nanowrimo. But I have so many scenes for the way that ending could go and it's getting confusing. How do you deal with having too many possible endings? Also I feel like I won't be able to reach 50,000 words for this story because it feels like it won't be that long of a story. I don't know I'm just confused and I'm currently 9,234 words into it. I went into the story kind of out of the blue only knowing the characters and it kind of like walking down a really long hallway and only the house allows to go through the door it wants you to go through next. I feel a bit discouraged but I love this story and the characters soooo much. I just don't know how to settle the middle and end. I'm sorry for making this really long! Love you can't wait to finish your book when I get the chance!! 🙂

  10. I stopped my Taylor Swift music video marathon for this. That is how I dedicated I am.
    On another note, Pizza!!

  11. First draft is always Sh!t 🤣😂 LOVE IT. and true. Especially first draft of first book. Working on that here!! Thanks to Jenna for helping us know how to clean it up!!

  12. "We don't experience fall here in California"–depends where you live.  I'm up here in Shasta County, where we get all four seasons.  Triple digits in summer, freezing temperatures in winter, my allergies going freaking overdrive in spring (I hate spring), leaves everywhere all over the ground in fall.  But this is a Mediterranean climate up here, which is not common outside, well, the Mediterranean (our climate is kind of just there and here and nowhere else).  Also, I tend to be quite long-winded when I type.  Or speak.  Sorry about that.  And for a long comment on one line that isn't even related to the video's topic at all.  I'm weird.

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