Novelists – The Light, The Fire (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

36 thoughts on “Novelists – The Light, The Fire (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

  1. But what is "the Light"… really? It is the love of God in you… abide there in Christ! Love is the life and light of the spirit, it's fruit is righteousness, kindness and truth. What was hidden from you since the beginning. Do all in Christ… This is not religion. The truth sets free. HAVE NO DOUBT!

  2. I've never said this for a song before… I feel like The Light, The Fire was written by someone who knows the smallest details of my life, my feelings. Thank you, Novelists! Just… thank you!

  3. My family and I are headed to Central for a road trip. The opening of this song is going to be the opening of our travel video. So much perfection here.

  4. No, actually I was stolen from, Gentlemen, D needed lyrical improvement, prepare the men for battle against Edom, The Vision of Obadiah.

  5. Why does this song have shitty sound? I know it’s not the video, because it’s like this on Spotify too. If it’s some effect, I don’t like it. Still love the song though.

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