15 thoughts on “NOVELISTS – Talk Musical Background (OFFICIAL INTERVIEW)

  1. Haha 0:56 when Flo goes to turn the camera off because he forgets that people also want to know about him too! So humble, love the band.

  2. Flo is literally my hero all his guitar work inspires me and motivates me to make my own music like Fuck man every single song is so perfect and like yeah you get it

  3. The whole album is nothing but genius. Perfection. Possibly my favorite, most listened to album in my life, right up there with Boston's first album (I was 10 when that was release to give you perspective), Rush – Exit Stage Left, Chevelle – This Type of Thinking, and Mastodon's Emperor of Sand. All of those albums and the songs within them share a common epic feeling, a production value that you don't get by accident. Can you duplicate it live? Mastodon can't, and neither can Chevelle, but what happens is that in a live setting, you'll get a pared down, more raw version of these songs so that in effect, you have two different versions of the same song, which is great in my opinion.

    If these guys don't become huge, there is no justice in the universe.

  4. Wasnt this person one of the guitarists from kadinja???? Cause you sure look familiar plus youre from france so i thought that maybe its you

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