NoveList's Story Elements

story elements in novelist include all of the terms that we use to describe a book story elements include our unique appeal terms genres subject headings themes an even time period subject headings describe the characters places and actions in a book themes are broader expressing the overall plot elements that interest readers dive deeper into a reader's interest with appeal terms that get at the mood or style of the book like heartwarming or gritty as you can see two books might have the same subject headings but have vastly different appeal terms and themes that might interest to different readers you will find lists of our appeal genre themes and time period terms in help using these lists try searching for a specific story element term from the Advanced Search page another way to combine all types of story elements is using search for more right from a specific book record here the subjects genres appeal terms and themes of a book can be searched together to find similar books just by selecting the check boxes the story elements in novelist expand the ways that you can find the books you love try searching your own favorite combination of terms to find your next read

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