44 thoughts on “NOVELISTS – Lead The Light (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

  1. I love metal and wish I had more friends that even just loved hearing it loud and noticing every single detail especially when I’m a guitarist and love djent in low tunings..

  2. I absolutely love you guys but i wish you would of slowed down the My life through the flames line so you could sing along a little better. That whole section is so powerful and i wish i could sing with it smoothly.

  3. This may be one of my favorite albums of the last decade. When you've been alive as long as I have, that matters.

  4. Jesus that dun dun dun dun dun guitar riff is stupid catchy! You know the part! Dun dun dat den din dun den din

  5. Matt's clean vocal harmonies give me the chills sometimes, his vocal range and control with his voice is extreme.. 3:31 <3

  6. I'm not a superstitious or religious person normally, but I had to get that 666 off the likes man….


    I've never really been proud of my life
    I've made a lot of bad choices
    But the chance that I was given helped me to change
    You know I've been running after something I was dreaming of
    And somehow it brought me the strength to still believe

    I'm not holding any fucking answer about that life
    I’m just trying to live mine
    Without putting my feelings aside
    I keep on trying to find my place in this world

    Let the light come in
    Show me the way before the night calls me again
    And if there's any price to pay
    Then just take everything I have ever owned

    I've never really been proud of myself
    I've made a lot of bad choices
    But the chance that I was given helped me to change
    The pain is sticking to these songs
    It seems to never leave
    But somehow that is what has always defined me

  8. I would say this is amazing but I'd rather say this song will be remembered for ages to come. 💯 out of 💯

  9. I love Novelists and maybe its just mean, but the vocal quality sounds shitty af? not very clear through the instruments sounds like a demo version IMO

  10. Release a bad song, go on, dare ya. You guys outdo yourself with every song. Extremely underrated band and deserve a lot more recognition. Well done, man.

  11. To be real i needed this song tonight, Works crazy for me right now and got home stressed as fuck late tonight and found this, its beautiful! Seems like Novelists just keep getting better and better!

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