Novelists – Heal The Wound ( "Learn to Play" video )

36 thoughts on “Novelists – Heal The Wound ( "Learn to Play" video )

  1. I guess the fingernails helps, he has trimmed nails on the left hand and long nails on the right hand.

  2. Ok the video is awesome but mesure 119 is totally wrong the tabs are absolutely not what he is playing. he's playing an arpeggio of C Major 7 #11 and he plays also the 13th (A) it's the eleventh note of the phrase, and not a simple scale as it's written

  3. I’d never heard Novelists before finding these playthrough videos and they’re quickly becoming one of my favorite bands.

  4. Such an amazing piece of art men! I really love the clean parts as well the dirty ones, keep working on this, you're really good and i believe that you find yourself when you're doing this wonderful style! My greets from Uruguay! ^^

  5. Amazing sound. I really like your guitar and music. I'd like to know your guitar tuning. 7strings drop A ? or 7strings drop A# ?

  6. i just learned the first 2 riffs…my brain is bleeding…

    i wont give up! this stuff is pure gold ..i want to play it! 😀

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