Novelists – Heal The Wound (Guitar Cover)

18 thoughts on “Novelists – Heal The Wound (Guitar Cover)

  1. hi, great playing! im thinking about ordering this guitar from andertons,just wondered if you've had any problems with yours? ie sharp frets or nut problems! also how do you find the neck ,is it comfortable ,ive heard its a bit thicker than say an rg neck. cheers terry.

  2. You’re improve so much. Im start watching you since saosin cover. Well played! Greetings from Indonesia!

  3. Good job!!! Please watch my last video …….Rene Di guitar cover SANTANA EUROPA…….All the best Rene DI Sweden

  4. Wow, this is good quality. Very well played. Excellent! Subscribing for more. Will be happy if you check out my channel and subscribe too 🙂

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