14 thoughts on “NOVELISTS – FULL SET – LIVE @ELFER CLUB FRANKFURT – 17.12.2014

  1. need to come to south Texas there' is a big scene for this music and because I want to see this band too hah

  2. Dr5ummer seems to miss a few needed accents, tails off a little., n lets the vibe down. The drumming in this live gig is fucking brutal>>NOVELISTS live @t Sucy en Brie ( heart sound metal fest contre les leucémies) 2014.
    I love these guys but just doesn't seem to be as intense as the album or other shows. My fav band, but this left me underwhelmed

  3. Love these guys! I hope they tour in the US soon. 
    Track listing  and time stamps in case anyone wants to know
    0:00 Gravity
    4:39 Immedicable
    9:05 Voyager
    13:46 New Song
    18:01 Souvenirs
    24:25 Twenty Years

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