1. wish i could sing like that man….
    btw I'm working on some music…wondering if u wanna collab?
    lemme know

  2. hey man miss you covers alot. maby a colab would spark your pastion again? anyways miss you singing hope all is well

  3. Shiiiit dude. Never seen your stuff before. But fuck you hit it out of the park! You'll go far man, keep it up.

  4. iv been subbed for a couple years now its still a pleasure to see your upload even if its once in a while. I always enjoy your covers. I think im going to start doing covers again!! see where my practicing has takin me since last time

  5. Just found some of your covers, absolutely speechless. I'm not sure it's possible to love you more than I already do. Just, wow. Do you have any other social media follow?

  6. So if I was to start doing what ur doing what all do I need? I have an original done on my channel which is really some of my best stuff, but lack the equipment to capture the true essence of my sound, and I do my own vocals too but, again, I lack all the equipment to really produce a solid track or video. I have 2 toshiba laptops, a VOX Tonelab multi-fx pedal, my guitars and a drum loop program at my disposal. And Ive gotten really good at using AVS audio editor 7.

  7. Man you have a wide great taste in music. From progressive metal to electronic rock, post-hard pressed, metal core.. Perfecto. Good to see you're still doing your thing.

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