Novelists – "Antares" Guitar play-through

43 thoughts on “Novelists – "Antares" Guitar play-through

  1. То чувство, когда вокалист в этом треке особо не решает 😀

  2. All of song of Novelists is so amazing. It is perfect fit for my music taste. Specially, "Antares" is the best song. I wanna play this song with my guitar. But honestly, This song is so hard  to play for me. lol.  Anyway, l love Music style of "Novelists".It is fucking awesome!!

  3. Could somebody please enlighten me on what string gauge/tension do these guys use, and also what distortion and amp setting do I need to get that metalcore tone? I´m a total metalcore noob.

  4. Anybody notice how his fingernails are cut on his left hand, but not on his right hand? No? Just me? Okay…

  5. To think the band did this song on a Drop C Tuning! I think the bass is double drop c hence why their sound is like this

  6. Je veux que tu saches que vous m'avez inspiré a reprendre ma guitar et jouer ce genre! J'avais besoin de cette étincelle! 😀 Excellente chanson, des excellents musiciens talentueux, continuez le plus longtemps possible les gars!

    Bonne chance!

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