Novelist | Voice of The Streets w/ Kenny Allstar

it's getting us out of ways of the streets when I speak the streets listen and not does not know any of the instrumentals I'm about to play I just want to showcase his versatility but this is what I do best let's see if you can do this one I just mix up that free for yo listen look I'm not guy that ain't got a plan to prove I keep a peaceful state of mind I'm fucked up I'm the one that if your booty you don't want to cover up or at daum round I'm not playing around this time cuz I ain't got time or patience I kept it rule to the core from day one and I make you don't rather I won't blame my box man clean and Iost when I've got bare mind em and you won't screw want any beef that you had was a volte one no your skin be salute my no dough Sajak I got my own back on who told me to watch my own back and if it keeps off don't hold back cause novelists don't do deals I keep it real big house to the top of the hill but instead I'm gonna build car impact I feel thanks but I'm gonna pay for the milk all things come with a bill if it ain't God I'll never kneel say what I've been think what I saved not wanna fill the tongue could make something break or it can heal money drugs cause girls just for the films what does it mean when your own thinking can't be still I said I don't trust no one I'm young but trust I'm throwing up I'm loving this hue hue from owner mañalac love wait hold up hold up hold up hold up nobody knows that I roll up you better not kick your phone up I don't want to move like that with no one with my mom and I've rolled up nothing but enough show love to the grown up and I've got love and drugs but I'ma be real with y'all no Joker Joker don't play poker piece of my left us world watch over Yahweh and you're over that I won't put a thing over and over this guy bandana guy come to the reven abandon a gay Jews I let that Santana gay thought wanna raise one hand on a gay man ain't putting no pranks on a gay and will drop no fencing a gay I will move let tanks on a guy I don't put fake ranks and a gay lover this guy clap for the gay young black girl chat to the gay good people get back to the gay there's no point thought at for the guy speaking truth not fat to the gay nothing this guy hot with a gay pull up in the blue drop top with a guy who's that guy moving this gay loving this game stand at a head and clothes on my brother's gay flag I'm like okay I'm gonna speak okay head screwed on time connected with energy lockable blank the Sun is the light that's why every day I shine could it get ruled by time to find the rules of life fixing listening yo guys standard I hide and clouds on my bought the sky fly up like a kite I am gonna stay out like a kite I am tired my head screwed on time connected by energy like a ball black the Sun is the line that's why every day I shine couldn't get ruled by time to find the rules of life fix him listening time switching never resisting if you've got a problem blood fix it I will not be a victim are you listening I am gifted I shine when I speak on a mic skip on a piece a slack flow techno head but the fibers are hype speaking a Hanson that's why I got the people feeling fine full-time and slow every word that I say it's intentional I'm sensible non-conventional vibe when I put in my soul in a mic transmit the words of lack of the light is how we see left from red nice positive guy life I leave my would have good play but I have a long lifetime wise and I forgot that sweat flavor major mañalac no village stop that behavior I'm not applause for the past but I'm in a future cause I'm a twat I'm not a guy that cares about whereabouts or the place we got mom has the yard I'm gonna spit balls in the thoughts I've been a good heart to my sports I'm gonna show you boys that are gonna bring lack yo they call me and avi gets me from your knew who I wanna be grow man with a plan for family I'm cool said I'll hand you the keys drivin jam to the be pure see EE apology see mad that I don't like his pool are only two cube that's gonna be family see me cuz I would still greet your sister and your mom on the street man can't see what's under my tea I've had slots from young as a team and avi sick MC chat with me and you will see G Co D to the e I know I'm good come alone I'm mov stop wait man for my work I've gotta pay back to the dirt to the dirt they said that what they know they will not break man on my ones and not eight man we're single mums do what they can my mum sir is love from early and her sons are not waste man may I my told you straight like this mind your own business for a badness I don't business that keeps our ships in low business focusing not scoping him got myself I'm no victim do matching no joking ting don't get next man involved in ting I'm not carrying guns on my ones I'll make them run they have to pay for more run I'm not carrying gun this is a little Swan make them run I'm not carrying guns on my ones I'll make them run I'm not carrying guns on my ones I'll make them run my best what will he see me don't wanna they commonly see me become so loved when they see me or mine better Romilly see me spud will he see me don't run out there come when they see me become so loved when they see me or my better Romilly see and Ovie yeah that's yeah that's an OB header header and OB my Monday that's an OB where from where from and OB yeah that's yeah that's an OB hair that head I am over my my dad that's an OB where from where from over there right there he's there walk while boys foot I'm blessed I'm here I woke up and said my preference goes for a laugh hard life is rare I will only let you leverage I can see your Carmen Claire love and hate cannot compare that's why I see with my eyes and again I'm not carrying guns on my ones or make them run I'm not carrying guns on my ones I'll make them run I'm not carrying guns I'm a one's on me run I'm not carrying guns don't run up there Garmany see blood that is why I'm selling you novelist is different level

40 thoughts on “Novelist | Voice of The Streets w/ Kenny Allstar

  1. How does this only have 34k views?! This is my second favourite Novelist thing after the Toddla T session

  2. This was too cold. If Nov starts jumping on these drill beats he would blow differently. London needs to hear more positivity like my man right now

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