NoveList Tutorial

I've read everything are you looking for a good book I am but I can't find anything nothing looks good let me show you something follow me have you ever heard of novelist novel of novelist it's an online tool that helps you find books you like let me show you where are we novelist novelist plus to be precise and how did we get here you can find novelist here at the State Library of Kansas website under the Explorer resources link but I used magic novelist works a lot like your online library catalog you can search by author or title you can also search by series or you can browse fiction and nonfiction recommended reading lists by reading level let's try it out what series of you read and enjoyed recently well the last books I loved were the caster chronicles let's try those like your library catalog novelist displays the title author and a description you can click on the author's name to find similar authors and below that our appeal terms like genre and tone which help describe the feel of the story and behind you as a Rida like list those are books that offer a similar reading experience as the caster chronicles neat you think that's neat eh then check this out behind me you'll see a list of books in the series you searched and behind you hey these are those appeal factors from above right yep and you can search them to find books with similar appeal factors so think about why you enjoyed the caster chronicles well I liked the the romance and the supernatural elements yeah romance supernatural and I liked how it was written it was really engaging and here it is a list of engaging romantic supernatural books well what do you think I and that's just the beginning we have oodles more tools to help you out I'd love to learn about them tomorrow when I come in for a new round of books tomorrow you you

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