Novelist Pearl S. Buck Interview (Merv Griffin Show 1966)

29 thoughts on “Novelist Pearl S. Buck Interview (Merv Griffin Show 1966)

  1. It's so surreal to be watching this video and reading these comments knowing that she is my great, great aunt for which I am named after.

  2. This interview happened in 1966, the year the Cultural Revolution started in China. She had no idea (nor did anyone else) what horrors were about to unfold in China…

  3. To me, she is the smartest writers of all time. Able to capt the human hemotion like no other, its always a pleasure read (and re-read) her novels.

  4. Her book The Good Earth has been my favorite book since college. Been rereading the classic every few months since 2002 😵❤

  5. I'm reading, on this moment, a very very good book from this extraordinary writer woman, The Angry Wife. The history is about two brothers who had fought on opposig sides on Civil War – 1864 .

  6. Two novels i read and never get board to read them over and over and felt i was part or living through the details of the novel , was gone with the wind and the good earth ! But i read them in arabic

  7. Hard to believe her and her family were christians. Most white christians would hate being in a swimming pool with a chinese person, let alone live in their culture and learn their language.

  8. 7:03 
    "i dont think they (chinese) have to be so human as to produce quite these so many children

  9. If you noticed how Pearl keeps her handbag close to her knees.  This is due to modesty.. which I recall I did due to the short dress which may rise up.  She is so sweet. 

  10. I read her stories since I was a young girl.  Loved the story "Good Earth" people should read it because it's got an interesting point of view on family.  In some ways
    it may not be to others but to me I was surprised at the ending of the book.  Movie,
    they made it more romantic.. despite all that went on.

  11. The birthplace of Pearl S. Buck is in the tiny community of Hillsboro, West Virginia. This is in Pocahontas County, amidst beautiful farm country.

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