NoveList K-8 Tutorial

hi this short tutorial will teach you how to use novelist k-8 to find some good books this is the main page that you'll see on the main page there's a like these category you'll see some book covers here and if you like one of those book covers you can hover over it to see more information on the book itself underneath each book cover there are some titles listed of good read-alikes for that book if you click on any one of those titles you'll learn the author and the reason that that is a good reader like for the book shown above if you don't see one you like here you can scroll through the list and see if there's anything else that you like if you don't see anything there that you like you can do a title search by changing the drop-down to title and typing in your title say you want to look up Diary of a Wimpy Kid books you can type sir typing that in and click on the suggestion and it will take you to a page with some of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books now we can sort this list by any number of items right now it's unpopularity perhaps we want to see the newest book in that series the long haul mm-hmm this screen gives you a quick snippet of that book if you want to learn more about the book you can click on the title and it will give you a little more details some reviews about the book if you would like to see the rest of the series you can click on the series link and down below under the books tab you will see all the books in that series you can see there are 9 of them if you want to find read-alikes for this series of books on the right hand side there's a menu for read-alikes and as you can see there are several books listed for read-alikes if you want to view all of those titles and print out a list you just go right near and click print we're going to go back and we're going to do a new search so we can clear that search by clicking the X and we're going to do a title search now excuse me we're going to do a keyword search for Holocaust World War two and click the search button and this takes us to 195 results we can narrow this down by choosing the age range and updating our results we're now down to 101 if we want to further narrow our search we can search by genre historical fiction gives us 56 bucks and let's go to moving for the tone of the book now we have 11 books okay if we go back and we just said we don't want books that our movie and we can X out of that search category and back here you'll see that we have a tab called lists and articles if we click on that we will see some lists that are Holocaust World War two and historical fiction let's clear up historical fiction and we're going to get even more lists to look at okay we find a grab-and-go book list for Holocaust that we like we can click on that grab-and-go link and it's going to show us some titles in that category if you see titles you like that you'd like to add to your folder just click on this folder icon and it will turn yellow and we'll click on this one now once we've selected the titles that we like we can go to the top right corner and click on our folder button and those titles are now in our folder if you sign into novelist k-8 you can save your folder contents hey we're going to go back to novelist k-8 homepage and I hope you learned how to find some good books using this tutorial

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