NoveList: Finding Books by Genre

Need to brush up on an unfamiliar genre?
Want to explore a new genre but don't know where to start? NoveList helps you explore and learn all
about genres. From the Browse Genres section of the homepage, select an
audience level. Use the All Genres drop-down to make a selection. When you select a genre, the book carousels will update to show forthcoming and popular books in that genre, and books from sub-genres. You can also find related genre content,
including our Keeping Up pages. Keeping Up pages are the place to go to learn the
ins and outs of genres. Many of these pages also have downloadable reading
maps — which are great for book displays! There are also a couple of ways to
search genres in NoveList. If you search by a subject, like "San Francisco," you can
limit by a genre at the Result List. Use the menu on the left to make a selection. You can also search for all books in a
genre, without starting with a subject. At the Advanced Search, enter the genre
and select Genre from the drop-down. From your Result List, you can again use
the limiters on the left to limit by appeal terms as well as audience level
and publication date. With NoveList as your expert resource, you'll be up to
speed on genres in no time!

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