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  1. Hi .. Curtis ..are you still writing..
    If so.,congratulations..I would like to publish my manuscript titled … mind power a silent killing machine… please send me an advice… [email protected] bye … Baeza..

  2. Hmmm, interesting. I like to start in media res. Bogging everyone down with loads of backstory before introducing you to a character never works. The best way to get to know a character is to see them reacting to other characters and situations, I suppose this is almost an extension of show don't tell. I have a part-finished project that DOES start with a character getting up and going to work. It's a very weird story though, I think the flip from normality to absurdity is critical to the story though. You can learn a lot about who a character is by observing them starting their day. I hate writing synopsis, what I'd really like to see is a Curtis Brown written example of a 'good synopsis'. I really struggle with synopsis. I agree on plotting. Personally I have to know where my character's story is starting and where they are ending up. Filling the details tends to be a lot freer I think. I always know the beginning and the end, and fill in the gaps as I write it. I agree on the re-write too. I really think it's important to get a second pair of eyes on your novel after you've finished it. You can never be entirely objective about your own work.

  3. Wow!
    This lady speaks in a way that writers can truly understand and hits the nail on the head every time.
    I particularly appreciated her reference to the end of the novel actually being the beginning, with so much more work yet to finish.

  4. I've watched a lot of vids and read a lot of advice on the adventure which is writing and although much is reiterated in most, I found this very helpful. It felt genuine, concise and felt all the more reliable because of the experience you have.

  5. Looking forward to starting the Curtis Brown Creative course on the 24th May 2016 … 4 days and counting!

  6. Yes, she's wonderful. Love her voice and how she explains everything. Gosh! I wish she was my agent. May I sent my thriller to you please miss agent.

    It's a romance thriller. Titled the female controller. Thanks.

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