Novel Thoughts #1: Paul Coxon on Jan Wahl's SOS Bobomobile

I'm poor Coxon from the Department of material science and metallurgy I research and reflection coatings to improve the efficiency of the solar cells the book which I've chosen is no great work of literature it's a children's book and it tells the story of a little boy who invents a submarine to go and search for the Loch Ness monster he tests his submarine it works they do have a slight mishap halfway through the journey when they get stuck in some weeds hence the book's title SOS Bobo 'mobile one of the tools which he invented was an autopen to get him out of homework it's called a teacher answering scripto machine so it's a typewriter connected to an arm with a pen so he uses this device to copy out his parents handwriting to excuse him from all the homework which is distracting him from his very important research project in tracking down the Loch Ness monster inspired me to sort of develop my own methods and techniques building new apparatus to further my own research testing and characterization of our new materials so it's something which I've tried to stick with all my life if you can build it yourself cheaply cost-effectively it can often do just as good work as a commercially bought board piece of apparatus on my conservatory roof I've got some water collectors and they turn a little turbines it powers a patio lights it's sort of it goes in the flow of the water off the gutter little turbine turns little dynamo and you get patio lights so it means that you have little patio when it rains well in my own research today I have a home built holder to hold my wafers which I process and black no-one's done this before so I've had to work on my own working out how to hold these wafers in a particular way and so I have a rather inelegant but efficient way of holding a stack of wafers so that I can immerse them in our mouths and salts and texturize them you get a real sense of achievement with it you feel like a little bit of an explorer doing something for the first time and if it works that's a great great great feeling of success

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  1. Thanks so much for posting this! This book was (along with Danny Dann and Captain Cobwebb) one of my favourites as a kid. So glad to see this was an inspiration to others!

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