NOVEL Special headers & Exhaust system for LEXUS IS F

32 thoughts on “NOVEL Special headers & Exhaust system for LEXUS IS F

  1. Sounds like a baby LFA at WOT. Sounds amazing but if performance numbers are not ad impressive as the sound, it's not worth the price. In all honesty I can but another aftermarket exhaust system for less with a turbo or supercharger kit and tune to GAP people all day long. In short SOUND DOESN'T WIN RACES

  2. 良いですね 自分のはスルガスピードさんのセンター、リアマフラー付けてて結構良い音なんですが、やっぱりエキマニから交換しないと劇的な変化は望めないですね

  3. You need to have a decibel meter by the exhaust to show the difference in sound. You cant tell much from a video. 

  4. I prefer my:) Clean V8 power! NOVEL Headers&Exhaust system for LEXUS IS-F 等長エキマニサウンド!!

  5. Good car and good video but i didn't like this exhaust much. But still you deserve a praise for the job you have done to make this headers and the whole exhaust system. 

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