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40 thoughts on “Novel Revision: Craft a Story Readers Can't Put Down | Writer's Digest

  1. Great Video. I love writing first drafts, but the second is no fun. I am in one right now. 30,000 extra words later – eeesh! This will make it so much easier. I want to enjoy this process too. Thanks JSB – much appreciated!

  2. Just want to say, I was reading a writing book by this guy (Write Your Novel from the Middle) and he mentioned the Bette Davis movie Now, Voyager in that too, in fact, a lot of the info is similar to this webinar. Anyway, it prompted me to watch the movie. It's a great movie, it made me angry, it made me cry, it made me jump out my seat shouting with glee. Watch it. It is also a very good example of many of the things discussed in the webinar.

  3. I make my own cover pages as well and also often make paintings of what I'd like the cover art to be. I've always been somewhat embarrassed by this. Although It really does make the idea of the book more of a possibility in my mind, it then feels closer to becoming a reality.

  4. +SmoothRide – I mean, I can already speak English 100% fluently; yet I am not able to decipher the mumblings of the presenter!

  5. at what point do you print the hard copy. I tried that and had so many things to fix like grammar, dialog and scene tweaking that my book changed. I couldn't imagine writing all that down in a side note to fix later then try and finish the story.

  6. Why is the audio SO BAD? It is too bad someone could not clean up this. Sounds like a bad, long distance phone call with good content.

  7. Stopped watching around 5 minutes in. I'd like to watch the video as I'm sure there's useful information there, but the presentation is beyond amateurish. The audio is annoyingly difficult to comprehend and the PowerPoint style of presentation is giving me office flashbacks. At the very least move your cursor.

  8. I have been writing for quite some time working and learning the craft.  There is one piece of advice that has been given by many published authors.  That advice is WRITE.  Don't think, don't pick at sentences, don't waste time trying to find that one best word that would seal the scene and bring it to life.  Simply just write.  Before you  know it you have a full manuscript sitting in front of you.  Granted ita juar rhe first draft but that is what you want.  Now all ou have to do is clean it up

  9. If you have a novel inside you but don't know where to start then this video is a good place to start.(For those folks moaning about the iffy audio, get over it and enjoy the lesson.)

  10. Thanks for uploading this. I didn't know James Scott Bell, and I must say I'm impressed. He seems to be a very clear minded, insightful teacher. Will definitely check out his website, and possibly buy his book. So thanks again!

  11. Mr. Bell is a good teacher for the craft of writing fiction. I enjoyed his book Plot and Structure. This tutorial was very informative with many examples from films most people have seen. Thank you.

  12. I had no audio problems with the video…and it is great information from a great author/teacher.

  13. I cannot bring myself to dislike any of the characters in my novels. I do howver have contempt for some, but they all bring me pleasure.

  14. I would not of understood any of this before i wrote my first novel, and now i have almost finished my second manuscript i can say i understood everything in this excellent presentation. In fact everything in this seminar ties in with the novel i am writing now. Thanks

  15. The audio ticks is really annoying. If you are trying to use this to market your seminars, I can say that this is not putting your best foot forward.

    The information is great. The presentation is great. The audio makes me question paying as much as you charge for it.

  16. I record all of my lectures on a LiveScribe pen – so I'm used to a bit of chop in my audio lessons. The information is worth toughing it out. Thank you for posting a full-length piece on here; it is a well-timed gift and treat. I will be sure to share it with others.

  17. There was such great info in this video, the audio was a bit choppy but not enough to detract from the content. Thanks!

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