Novel Media Processing Tools for the Analysis of Apollo Moon Mission Data

That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. Back in the
1960s when we were flying the Apollo missions to the moon, there were things
that happened and now there are people who have given interviews describing the
things that happened. It was special and memorable, but it was only instantaneous
because there was work to do. And so we’d like to be able to link what happened at
the time with the things that people remember having happened because the
actual experience and the remembering experience are different. It’s easier to visualize
what was exactly happening in the mission and make sense of all the
records and audio and video files that we have. So this Apollo space archive has
a way of going to parts which are important. There needs to be, like, a
system for you to, like, focus on what you want. If you wanted to re-experience one
part of the mission, say for example like the liftoff, you could search that and it
would go to that spot. There were these very complex missions flown and no one
quite knows all the things that happened. So we’re looking to weave connections
between them so that people can see sort of between the cracks of the things that
we collected. So we collected the people talking on the spacecraft, we collected
the people talking on the ground, but the people talking on the ground never heard
what they said to each other on the spacecraft. So it may be that there’s
something in between those two that people needed to hear. A lot of things
are going on and I think we’ll come up with something really interesting.

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