Novel drug therapy kills pancreatic cancer cells by reducing levels of antioxidants

So significant controversy exists
concerning whether antioxidation promotes or prevent cancer and I think this is
really interesting for the general public because antioxidants provided as
supplements have for some time been marketed as a possible approach to
prevent or even to treat cancer but the truth is there really is scant evidence
supporting this and in fact my research in Dr Tuveson’s laboratory suggests
that increase antioxidants may actually be good for the cancer cells so we came
to this conclusion through the use of a new model system that we developed in
our laboratory and these cells grow as these 3D spheroid structures called
pancreatic organoids and basically what this is is a new method that would allow
us to sample pancreas cells from the normal pancreas and also from different
stages of the disease and the beauty of the system is that it allows us to grow
cancer cells and also normal cells side by side and compare their biology and in
such experiments we found that when we inhibit antioxidants in pancreas cancer
cells this led to death in the cancer cells only but not in the normal cells
and as it turns out we found out this is because antioxidants play a very
important role in supporting the ability of cancer cells to produce more proteins
which is an essential process in promoting cancer growth and survival we
think that this is very important in the field of pancreatic cancer because most
of you may already know that pancreatic cancer is a very lethal malignancy
the 5-year survival rate of this disease is less than 6% the prognosis is very
dismal because we have very limited treatment options in the clinic there’s
nothing much we can do for our patients and so we’re very hopeful that with this
new finding we would hope the discovery of or the development of a novel
therapeutic strategy that can help our patients fight this deadly disease.

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  1. Pardon me for saying so, but in addition to being a brilliant investigator Ms. Chio is an absolutely beautiful woman.

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