Novel Bootcamp Udemy Creative Writing Course Sampler: Three top tips for starting a novel

I am welcome so this is a quick video with my three top tips of how you can take your idea to a plan for a novel so my first tip about novel writing is that you should be able to sum up your idea in one sentence that is quite challenging especially if you've been writing a book for a while but genuinely I think that a novel idea can usually be summed up in one sentence that sentence is going to live with you for a long time you're going to use it in various contexts you're going to use it to plan your book to think about your book to tell friends about your book and ultimately hopefully to pitch your book to an agent or editor so it needs to be right I would suggest that you spend about an hour working on that sentence sounds like a long time to write one sentence right but this is a very important sentence so an hour it is that is my tip number one so my next tip is to try to live with that idea for a while don't sit down and try to write a novel the day after you've had the idea or the day after you've written your one sentence summary I think that's the fastest way to find writer's block basically that idea needs to grow it needs to develop it needs to turn into something that has a novel nurse about it Stephen King talks about living with his ideas for a while and just thinking about them and going for long walks and how the good ones they're the ones that stay Hilary Montel wrote an essay called growing a tail where she describes how she lives with her ideas for a very long time thinking about them in snippets writing a few things down putting stuff up on a court board and just waiting for the idea to grow and develop into something that is more novel like so that is my second tip let your idea breathe let it grow wait until it's ready to be written so my final tip about getting going is to focus on your characters I think characters are super super important to another in fact I would say that they're more important than the plots and the hook you will find your plot and you'll find your hook through the characters if you don't try to find those things through the characters and there's a chance that trying to make the characters go through those plot holes might not work so that's my final bit of advice start with the characters that the plot will come the plot will follow the characters grow the characters learn about the characters do big character profiles think about what they look like think about what kind of people they are so not just their physical attributes but what they're like what their personalities are like what they want what a character and a particularly what your main character once is so central to the plot it almost is the plot so my third and final tip the characters are the most important thing happy writing I hope this helps and I'll see you in the next lecture

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