Note Taking Basics – Fiction and Novels

6 thoughts on “Note Taking Basics – Fiction and Novels

  1. Next video next week? Really? Lol
    Great job.

    I wish I could have you as teacher when I was in high school to give me the courage of go ahead in my love of knowledge. Submitting to the system practically took that love from me. Now when I read a Novel I always have a hard time to experience it. Maybe due to the fact that I’m always thinking that I need to read critically in order to get the whole “depth” of the book.

    Keep doing your things, learning and teaching; you’re gonna go far lil man. 😉

  2. It is allways wiser to lern from a hole history of other great thinkers and masters but Rely to much on others knowledge and you end up taking a form that is not your own you have a personality that is unique and type of individualism that sets you apart from others only you can add something that the world might at once need but please let it be your own doing astablish more of a difference in you're work its obvious in the way you speak and come across we don't need another leo study the way you confirm to your audience Maby talking solwer or faster you find out but please let it be your own you can go agenst what I say or you can work on it. it's up to you

  3. not to nitpick because the breadth of your lexicon is large, but you suffer from strange inarticulations which makes me wonder what you language background is? thanks

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