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I was in LA, and I had already made like 2,
3 songs. But it was the last song for the night. My manager Ada brought me a beat. I’m like, yeah that’s the one right there. So I just went out feelin’ at the time. I said
long live Lo in the beginning of the song when I did the video. But when I made the song he wasn’t even dead
yet. I went live after I made the song, he coming
up under there like this hard, this hard. Next thing I know he dead, you know what I’m
saying. So I really just dedicated the song to him. I started taking it seriously back and forth
to jail. I decided to drop my first song and it
did okay on YouTube. My brother was really doing the rap thing
but he bagged up for me and started helping with it so I just felt like I had to do something
else instead of going back and forth to jail. I really got to feed my family and stay out
here The three people I shouted out on the beginning
of the song say “long live Duke.” You know what I’m saying? That’s a childhood friend I grew up with which
he was older than me but like you know what I’m saying? Like my big homie. “Long live Fred.” That’s actually a family member, a close family
member, first cousin. You know what I’m saying? He died from gun violence. Duke died from gun violence. You know what I’m saying? I say “Long live Slim.” That’s my first cousin. He got out of jail, came home, died. You know what I’m saying? Gun violence and Low, Low came home from
work. You know what I’m saying? First couple of days off the boat died, gun
violence. Childhood friend too, but like I said my big
homie. He watched me grow up. I didn’t write this song, like I told you. I freestyled. I just bar for bar You know what I’m saying? I got this gun on me. I got this pistol on me. I’m from Mobile, Alabama. You got to be protected where I’m from. You know what I’m saying? And you really gambling with your life. I know people like why would you die for somebody
dead. You know what I’m saying? But that’s just how you feel like, I know
it sounds strange, but ima die for all my dead homies. You know what I’m saying? You want to die with them sometimes. People have they problems and that everybody
don’t understand. You know what I’m saying? Like I know I go through stuff that everyone
can’t understand. Nobody knows how he really feels. You grew up so long with each other you yeen
never seen that person. Yeen never think that person was going to
die. That person didn’t know he was going to die. I pray, but you know what I’m saying? I just ain’t know praying everyday, but I
question God a lot. Like why this had to happen. You might be having the best day, you know
what I’m saying? You doing whatever, you happy all day and
that one person want to cross your mind and change your whole mood of the day. Everybody love you now. You got something. Everybody want a piece of it. You know what I’m saying? Like when yeen have nothing, nobody was around I’m really protected by ghetto angels, like
even though they gone they closer to you. They can always watch over you now. When they was here they couldn’t be everywhere
you was going or you know what I’m saying? But they in heaven, they watch your every
move. So it don’t matter where you at, you know
what I’m saying? You overseas, you know what I’m saying? They there. That goes back to my first cousin who I was
telling you how he had just got out of jail and died. Tell me slim how did- ’cause like we rock
hard, you know what I’m saying? Like when he was in jail, he called home like
“we going to do this, we going to do that when I get out.” That was somebody I talked to every day, knew
what he had going every day and “tell me slim how did you die by yourself?” You know what I’m saying? I could have knew something, I still don’t
know nothing. “The paramedic is sitting, watching you melt.” You know what I’m saying? Like they shot him in the head and they burnt
him up in the car. So “so the paramedic sitting, watching you
melt.” Like they coming through, they spraying the
water, but it’s still a dead body in there. That they can’t identify. You know what I’m saying? Identify him through his teeth, through his
dental. “Rap shit been fucking with my ego.” Like I catch myself getting ahead of myself
sometimes, you know what I’m saying? I had to snap back like go back to you. You know what I’m saying? ’cause I catch myself doing off the wall shit,
but “how the fuck I couldn’t save him I’m neighborhood hero?” Like I call myself the neighborhood hero and
I feel like if I’m the hero why I couldn’t save ’em. His homies, like don’t nobody act the same. I can’t point the finger at who did it ’cause
I don’t know. I guess I feel like everybody acting weird
now ’cause I don’t know. It probably ain’t even got nothing to do with
none of that, but I just feel like everybody acting weird now. You know what I’m saying? Just ’cause I don’t know who did it. “It’s crazy we supposed to took Duke to the
grave yard to see Fred.” Like literally the same night Duke died he
was tripping you know what I’m saying? So we all like “aye you fixing to go on and
go home. You know what I’m saying? We fixing to go to Fred’s grave site, you
can go and go home go on and take it in.” He went home but he end up leaving the house
again and went to the projects. And he went to the projects and died. You just be so much in your feelings. You just smoke you some weed, sip a little
lean till you feel it, until you can just vibe right. Just chill. That’s why I’m say I’m taking drugs until
I feel the effect, I really miss my dogs like some missing pets. Like a dog went missing or something, like
a runaway dog. I really miss my dog like some missing pets. This ain’t the typical missing, like they
gone forever. I actually think Fred got shot 18 times but
I just put 17. Fred took 17 like JJ Redick, number 17, I
know the number was somewhere 17, 18. I really do feel like that sometimes. My music for the streets. If I don’t get a Grammy, I don’t. If I do, let’s get it. Last time I seen my granny, that’s what it
was, hospital bed, tubes down her throat, and brain dead. Can’t make a move if she wanted to, a vegetable. So, when I say tubes and breathing machines,
how I see my granny, that’s my last sight of her.

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  1. If only people know the truth about our city the would literally understand what we feel inside and how it effects us as individuals

  2. I stg i love this song to my soul! The only song in my life that I actually felt. RIP mama & daddy 😔❤️

  3. “I’m from mobile, Alabama I gotta keep a gun on me” boaaa ain’t nobody gettin down like that in Alabama😂😂😂😂😭

  4. Yo big homy, u know the way don't U, huh,…yeah I understand,…God still Love's U 2,……hahaha,…do U know ur blessed,…fuck tha haters!!! So much pain 'n' ur eye's,……bruh…

  5. istg NoCap is like inspirational asf he has words and inspirational words at that he will tell you what he has gon through in a hard way

  6. This Here Song "DEEP" My 1st Time Listening to this song I knew it ALL was REAL. An to hear him tell it blew me,I'm fuckin wit him HEAVY. He Da Next "Gates"!

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