Noahs Ark (Using insights from Ellen White's writings)

Seth's children would call the sons of God because they were brought up to follow God Cain's children were called the sons of men because they did whatever they wanted to do the two groups mixed and married each other and this caused Seth's family to stop following God and His law Noah and his family were among the few that still followed God God wanted people to be saved and have happiness by following him but because the world was so evil almost everyone was brought up and taught not to want to follow him to save people God saw that he could destroy the whole world apart from the small number that still followed him these people could then raise children in a way that they would choose to follow the law choose to have eternal life and happiness for the sake of saving the most people God decided to destroy all the evil in the world with a flood God told Noah about the flood and to tell the whole world what was going to happen God wanted people to listen to know her and save themselves from the flood Enoch son Methuselah helps his grandson Noah to build the ark but he died just before the flood started the rest of the world didn't believe Noah and made fun of him for being a fanatic in building a boat some people did listen to Noah but there was over a hundred years until the flood came and during that time they gave up and started living their lives of sin without God again angels brought animals onto the ark seven pairs of each animal that can beat and called clean animals and one pair of each animal that can't beaten called unclean animals other people ignored all this and continued getting drunk and chatting and watching entertainment that had no mention of God an angel closed the door of the boat with Noah and the seven members of his family inside seven days later it started raining the rain was immense and rocks in the earth split opening ginormous volumes of underground water this destroyed everything on earth including the false religions and idols that people had built to create false gods the destruction was so strong that even Satan thought he might die lots of people saw what was happening and begged for Noah to lead him into the boat it was too late when the world comes to an end it will be too late to change your chance to follow God is now the storm lasted 40 days and then the world was completely covered with water gradually the water went down and then they left the boat Noah immediately built an altar and sacrificed one of each of the clean animals this showed he accepted Jesus's future sacrifice and thanked God for keeping his family safe on the boat God was very pleased with the thanks Noah had given him and he blessed Noah and his family God created rainbows as a sign of what had happened that the whole world was destroyed by water but that God still loved the people in the world and he would never destroy it with water again at the end of the world it will be destroyed by fire

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