No More Mr. Nice Guy – Dr. Robert Glover – Animated Book Review

in the book no more Mr Nice Guy dr.
Robert Glover diagnosis some of his friends with the nice guys enjoy now
person with a nice guy syndrome is known to give they like to give things they
like to fix lee also like the caretaker there’s a difference between caretaking
in carrying he says I like to avoid conflict repress their feelings they
don’t like to talk about their emotions he said sometimes they’re dishonest
quite secretive let’s talk about little kids for a little bit a little kid is
egocentric which means that he thinks the world revolves around him humans from a young age are very
egocentric anyone under the age of 60 think the world revolves around them
they will also have a large fear of abandonment and have a fear of
helplessness because children can do a lot of things on their own so something
happens like they’re hungry and their mom usually season but her mom doesn’t
feed them building hey I’m hungry my mom’s not feeling me I must be my fault
because if they cry and no one holds them don’t think it’s their fault if
someone gets angry at them or parent leaves the think it’s their fault in
this accumulated over time creates a toxic shame they think that everything
they do is their fault and someone with a nice guy syndrome believes they are
unlivable they must do things to be lovable he also goes into explaining
that there’s a difference between caretaking and caring caretaking you
give to others with the giver needs to give you give because you like giving
caring is giving to others because they needed they need something so you give
it to them at scaring caretaking comes from a place of emptiness and the giver
the others like an order for me to be happy I need to give some carrying on
the other hand comes from a place of abundant is as hey I have a bunch of
this I don’t need all of it for you caretaking also has unconscious strings
attached which means deep in the subconscious level the caretakers saying
hey i scratch your back you scratch mine caring however is unconditional and has
no strings attached fun during world war 2 a lot of fathers left the home quite interesting because we start
seeing this throughout history that fathers are not there as often as they
should be for their children especially their son’s education system is also
dominated by women which they also don’t have a role model at school and sometime
after ww2 feminism in the sexual revolution became a big thing young boys
used to learn how to be a man from their dad and Grampa from working on the
farming in closed environments he says this is what creates the nice guy
syndrome to solve this problem we have to learn to please yourself first you to spend time and money developing
yourself he says it’s okay to be a little selfish and I like to refer to
the airplane at an event when you get on an airplane but the attendances is in
the case of an accident put your mask on first that way you’ll be better supplied
to help those around you if you don’t take care of yourself first not gonna be able to help those around
you is a you should make your needs a priority as opposed to trying to please
others and make their needs a priority in this book he talks a lot about how to
learn and set boundaries how to express your feelings and resolve conflicts
safely if you remember back before I said that the nice guy syndrome lot of
people avoid conflict this is a big problem because if they’re avoiding the
conflict there also avoiding the resolution the basis of this book is to
learn how to be selfish without being rude about it he says one way you can
help reclaim your masculinity is to spend more time with guys spend more
time with masculine men with muscles are gonna give out of this book is that in
order to get better sex should aim to only have great sex but she is the
perfect watermelon analogy I came up with in your life you may have eaten 3
watermelons 10 watermelons are 300 watermelons and what if you say that all
of those are the best watermelons in the world watermelons are pretty good but what if
you have some great watermelons and you also have some terrible rotten
watermelons when you look at Watermans as a whole you’re gonna be like it’s ok that’s good every now and then
you should do the same with your sex life if you settle for bad sex it’s not
going to become as enjoyable and it’s actually going to bring down the great
sex anyways are a lot more little tips and tricks in this book that he mentions
I really like and I might mention them later in a future video but for now I
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100 thoughts on “No More Mr. Nice Guy – Dr. Robert Glover – Animated Book Review

  1. ahh…but of course!.
    at the ending part, the real message comes to mind.
    "be selfish, try different sex as you would watermelon…"
    this was very clever.
    now for those who will say " he means it a positive way blah blah.
    that's bs.
    the message is clear.
    many fall

  2. I greatly admire and appreciate the Practical Psychology channel, but I have to speak up and say this one is all flawed up. Dr. Glover's comparison of "caretaking vs caring" and the "nice guy syndrome" (as breifly described in this video) is more than a little skewed. Half truths are how lies reproduce, and the psychology in part of this video is only half true. What he calls "nice guy syndrome" is a misinterperetation of a possible outcome of being orphaned. A child's parents don't have to die for them to grow up with an orphan mentality, just as being alive and present doesn't make someone a good parent. It's illogical and makes false implications to compare caretaking to caring in this manner. In fact it IS okay to take satisfaction in giving–but NOT as a method of satisfying a perpetual deficit of affirmation or identity. But most importantly: one cannot cure themselves of an egocentric toxic shame by becoming more selfish. That's absurd! It'd be like slapping a bandaid on a sucking chest wound. The ONLY possible positive outcome of "pleasing yourself first" is going to be a temporary recess of symptoms while the inner wound festers. What this actually does is encourage someone to embrace narcissism in order to overcompensate for their feelings of worthlessness and abandonment. (One orphan slaves themselves out to survive while another becomes a ruthless lone wolf.) The last tip in the video is a great example of why the "please yourself first" method doesn't work: if you want to improve sex by not settling for anything less than the best, how does anyone expect to do that by pleasing themselves first? It doesn't matter what gender you are, that's the worst possible strategy, and it's the same for the Orphan and Slave mentalities. Becoming a "people pleaser" and trying to EARN the affirmations of others often results in self-neglect and that is one of the dangers misconstrued as "caretaking." Proper emphasis must be placed on what creates an "orphan" or "slave" mentality in the first place, and the answer to that question lies in their missing identity. It is a lack of healthy identity rooted back to a deficiency in healthy parenting, usually on the paternal side (as was wonderfully described in this video.) Everything else was totally right on, though. Especially the part pointing out the trend of missing fathers and strong male role-models. It created a ripple effect that's been passed on from lack-of-father to son and from fatherless son to the next. It's a slow-to-heal wound for a nation to lose so many of its men and fathers like that. As this video eluded to: it literally sapped the inner strength of the whole country for generations.
    Anyway, thanks for doing what you do. I am a fan of this channel. I hope this comment wasn't too much.

  3. Congratulations, I a few months ago when I sub you had few subs and now you have more than half million subs. Keep up the good work

  4. Hey man, I always enjoy watching your video's!! I am from the netherlands, and I am sondering if you maby Could send me some kind of list of books that help you to become the the person that Can control every choice in life he makes. I hope you read this man! If you read this I also hope we could get in touch with each other. Thanks for your time!

  5. This channel is my favorite self-development youtube channel. I'm a Huge fan. I like the animation, I like the content, communicates volumes with minimal time possible. I don't know what more to ask for. Keep being awesome and Thanks dude! 🙂

  6. I've been in a relationship for 10 years and I've struggled through it, confused and not knowing why most of the time. And now I feel I know why. I got involved with someone and shared love without really knowing how to love myself. Now I'm trying to get out while we both still have enough life to begin again.

  7. Love your videos. My wife said you sound too young to talk about sex. Your voice sounds like that of a young man. And now I am interested to know and hope not to offend but how old are you?

  8. i liked your book review. have you read this book 'Chaos to Calm: Take Control with Confidence By (author) Shannah Kennedy , By (author) Lyndall Mitchell " please do this book review I was actually planning to order myself a copy saw it at a friends house

  9. Please do a video on the book:
    "Why Smart People Make Big Money Mistakes And How To Correct Them_ Lessons From The New Science Of Behavioral (Gary Belsky, Thomas Gilovich-)

  10. To the guys who say, "that's me", let me encourage you by reminding you that we'll never arrive at "perfect manhood".

    True men realize that perfection is an unreachable goal and the moment they believe they have become the perfect specimen, they are actually inching into arrogance—which is not manliness.

    Stay humble. Stay teachable. Keep growing.

  11. Imagine going to the gym because you wanna look buff. Is that selfish? No. Now Imagine going to the gym 'instead' of looking after your child. That's selfish!

    Thinking of your needs first isn't selfish at all, unless of course it's at the expense of someone else.

  12. Very fascinating. I came out of mr. nice guy attitude on my own. observing myself and lots of introspection, meditation. I feel we really need such kind of books.

  13. Thanks mate! good job! I never heard the part about WWII but I have worked as a teacher for the past 3 years and no doubt about it its like 99.9% female teachers especially in Elem and Middle School,.. a lot of teachers show favortism towards girls because of the brainwashing by feminism that girls dont have equal opportunity, when in reality we know the truth… I've always been the "nice guy" and dealt with the whole "women like assholes" mantra, but that just frustrates me because it seems both Men and Women have bought into the whole "its cool not to care BS attitude" (aside from women being more masculine and the agenda to emasculate men) its also just a cultural norm for people, any age!… whether Teenagers, ppl in their mid 20s, 30s whatever to have this hardened attitude to approaching someone,… I like what this book says regarding self-respect and asserting oneself more… In regards to any Lib-Tards that try replying to my comment: Since boys are little they’ve been told they’re stupid- from nursery rhymes on playgrounds like: “Boys are rotten, made out of cotton. Girls are dandy, made out of candy. Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider. Girls go to college to get more knowledge” 2. There is an ever-growing disparity between Boys and Girls academic performance: For every 100 girls with learning disabilities there are 276 boys. 3. Girls are blowing guys out of the water in college as well, For every 100 women graduating college, there are 77 men. This is proven by observing the numbers: with females making up 71 percent of recent high school grads now in college and only 61% of guys. (Pew Research Center) as well as 61% of females enrolled in masters degrees and 51% doctors degrees in 2012-2013 (National Center for Education Statistics) 4. 79% of suicides are men. Supposedly, “no one knows why and no one seems particularly keen to find out, but male suicide is four times higher than female.”

  14. I think "Mr. nice guy syndrome" can be applied to females as well as males. The syndrome does not seem exclusive to one sex. Many ppl exhibit the behavior described in this video.

  15. Nice review (I did click the Like button). But what do you know about sex? You sound like you're about 12. Maybe you're getting more action than I was at that age. 🙂

  16. Practical Psychology: Thank you for a very nice review: quick, concise and valuable. Yup, this is me too; was more of me; not so much at the present. But, still a very much a Mr. Nice crap. It's BS. Why do we end up being Mr. Nice Guys? Who makes us be that way. It is hell to live in.

  17. I was asked if I had read this book today, I hadn't, but I went and searched and it brought me here. I just listened to this awesome review and bought the audio book. Its a little over 6 hours long but I'll be listening to it over the next couple of days. I'll come back and give my notes.

  18. so i might have the nice guy syndrome, i always come to help those who need me but i never spected something in return i wont deny that i get a Felling of hapines when i help someone…so help?

  19. Excuse me guys… am i the only one who has hard time applying the books princibles?… I mean i get too emotional and i think i need to hit rock bottom.

  20. This has to be one of the most powerful books I have ever read and I read a lot. Doctor Robert Glover keeps things short and sweet no wishy washy crap, this book is the shit!

  21. There is always something in between… I think girls do not like bad boys, they just looking for a real man with whom they can have a lot of fun..

  22. I would love to see an animated books review of this book – "Exponential Organizations: Why new organizations are ten times better, faster, and cheaper than yours (and what to do about it"). I will be waiting for the video.

  23. I tend to say now that self-consciousness is self-centredness. It's not necessarily sweet and nice to be so sheepish because of the fear of judgement – it can actually be quite narcissistic, because it's the tacit belief that one is the centre of other's worlds, the main reason for the consequences of everything around them, like you say here in the video. This belief is implicitly self-centred, which inadvertently goes against the nice guy's belief that they're selfless helpers, that they're for others. Deep down, they're not. Deep down, their main priority is approval, with other people's needs below it.
    The hunger for approval can be parasitic and a little pathetic. It predicates self-esteem on what other people think about you, rather than what you think about yourself – and that is fundamentally unstable and a bit ridiculous.

    It sounds means, but I'm talking from experience and about myself and how I used to be. It's incredibly liberating to discard approval-seeking, to realise how much it castrates passion and an optimal experience of life. It's all fear at the end of the day.

  24. You're Doing A Great Job Buddy, Keep It Up.
    BTW, Can You Do A Review On :-
    Deep Work By Cal Newport. And
    Flow By Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

  25. I started reading the book last summer. Only got to around half of it and dumped it. Most of it is a few obvious things, some useful advice, and A TON of repetition. Basically, the main idea is that you need to grow a spine and appreciate yourself, if you want others to appreciate you. Sure, some will see you as an ass, but they'll also respect you for being honest. Also, you don't need to be an actual ass.
    Still, as badly as the book's written, I admit, it did help me.

  26. Bro, I have been watching your videos for almost an year now . You are really doing a great job by helping a lot of people this way.
    I wish more success to this channel !!

  27. Hey! Nice summary, this book help me a lot I recommend it also the way of the superior men by David deida

  28. I have a very complex personality. I can be shy, calm, cool, collected and I can be annoying, in your face and try to get a rise out of you either on purpose to see your reaction (usually in a joking way) or I can be reserved.

  29. When I am in confrontations, I look at that situation as a challenge even though I also don't like conflict. My philosophy is "You can insult me to my face, I don't care but as soon as you insult my girlfriend, friend or family, you will feel my wrath and I go for the jugular." but I love everyone and want the best for people.

  30. You are giving basic tips, but you dont give really help. Its not WHAT you do, its HOW you do it. This video is useless. Everybody knows these things, but only a few know how to do…

  31. It sound like a great book except the clear misogyny in it which refers higly that women should always be nice and never requires any of her rights but men shouldn't not

  32. I just finished reading the book and I plan to follow some of the practices and plans. I also joined a Meetup group. It makes so much sense on the way I am and my father's absence during that time of my life. incredible but true. Difficult to absorb and accept.

  33. If you relate to or identify with the NG "symptoms" pointed out in this video and want to actually CHANGE the behavior and mature as a masculine man…. DO the Breaking Free Activities listed in the book. Better yet, find another guy (or guys) who relates to the NG stuff and start meeting/talking about the subject and what you're DOING on a regular basis to overcome NG Syndrome. To encourage and challenge one another.

    Meet online, on FB, in person, whatever. But get together.

    Reading Glover's book can be a huge wake up in life. Yet NOTHING, yes NOTHING, will change in your life unless and until you DO the work.

    You don't HAVE to do it. You GET to do it.

    You and the people close to you in life WILL experience the benefits of you doing the work when you do.

  34. the thing i didnt like about this book was the 3 childhood examples he used, he gave three examples of 3 extreme childhoods that most people dont go through. Apart from that good book

  35. "I Don't Want to Talk About It" was a fascinating book that I learned so much from and have a greater, greater appreciation and compassion for the struggles men encounter and deal with in our society.

  36. 4 words are all that is needed to get most men to read this great self-help book: He encourages healthy masturbation.

  37. This book is teaching me so much about myself. Once I am done listening to the audiobook, I plan on going through it again and doing all the exercises.

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