No Kidding: Women Writers on Bypassing Parenthood

20 thoughts on “No Kidding: Women Writers on Bypassing Parenthood

  1. check out the facebook page "I regret having children" I never had children..and neither do my 2 sisters!. The kid trade off is Nice homes, travel, peace of mind!!!

  2. We can agree we don’t get you and you will never understand motherhood – argument over. Neither is right neither is wrong

  3. 7 siblings, and the only not to procreate…my family often wonders what’s up with that. I tell them I am afflicted with that pesky thing called intelligence.

  4. A woman's body a woman's choice / a man's body a woman's choice = hypocrisy or equality depending on P or V


  6. Pathetic and sad to listen to godless, manless and childless old women. Cherished by no one, remembered by no one, loved by no one. What the hell is funny about that. No one cares about their careers or books like old high school trophies sitting in a dusty box in the garage. Love is the only thing that gives life meaning.

  7. I dont care what any mother has to say about my choise. Its not selfish, as i have the right to pursue my own happiness, for the limited amount i have. Its selfish if you try to persiade me to change my life to suite you. I like sleep, a quiet home, i like playing my game systems, sleeping in and ect. Use that time and energy to help women who cant have children but truly want them ,rather then pull some vague, unseeing prediction on my life choices rather than your own. That trip you wanted .Sorry on hold, i can go but you cant guess why?

  8. It has only recently dawned on me at age 24 how much having a child can potentially ruin a marriage, rather than bring a couple closer together. There is no such thing as "Time without the children". You have to be quiet during sex.Β You wake up, the child is there. At night, the child is there. The only reprieve comes during the working/school hours when you're busy waging your time for other people. Day after day, you are never again truly alone with your spouse. Not at least for the next 18-25 years, and by then you're both much older heading into your golden years.

  9. I can tell you one things for sure – if you dont have a kid – then you are shunned by women who do. You are now socially unacceptable – you are a threat to their marriage – their husband might want to run off with you (even if you are already married) – you dont fit into our mum group – yes childless women you will be shunned from social get togethers for sure. you are an outcast. a misfit –

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