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Oh well they're so quick video in regards to the Ed McMahon um Publishers Clearing House possible Mandela effect that's going on right now I personally am in conflict with this at first it floored me but then after doing some research now I'm uncertain and a little confused so first I'll read you this article C ed McMahon's mysterious association with Publishers Clearing House when Ed McMahon passed away one question was asked repeatedly how will Publishers Clearing House notify their winners now the answer is easy they'll notify their winners the same way they always have because Ed McMahon never worked for PCH and if you hear that crunching in the background I don't know if you guys can but that's because the dog decided to chew on the bone in here and he won't go away so I'm sorry so then I looked it up and found this video which it says American family sweepstakes which that does sound that kind of rings about with me but bear with me because I did a little more research after this American family is making sweepstakes history again 1982 the first million dollar prize I want a million dollars from American family okay so I went to Wikipedia American family publishers was an American company that sold magazine subscriptions it was incorporated in 1996 in Utah it is best known for running sweepstakes yada-yada and not much information over here so then I went to Publishers Clearing House you know pretty much the same thing sold magazines sweepstakes it was founded in 1953 and over here they do have quite a bit of information you can see you know the date there now here's where you know if any of you guys can I looked around and I just keep coming across for the American family publishers this this date right here and if this is the case then how is it possible that they had a commercial in 1984 and even making reference to 1983 you know if you guys can point me in the right direction to you know solve this this mystery prove that it's not a mandala effect then I will pull my video that's fine I'm just trying to figure this out right and apparently after Ed McMahon died then dick Clarke took over I read that in another article on of acne of course now I don't have it up anymore I miss it was on here but I don't think so but yeah I've never seen any commercials with with um with Dick Clark in it for the sweepstakes I don't know so anyways I just wanted to throw that out there to you guys because like I said at first I was floored when I heard this I was like I know I have seen him in the commercials with the cheque and the champagne and all of that and then I didn't know if he died or just got too old to or didn't want to do it anymore and then I thought he was replaced by you know the new guy and the new crew of people that come up in the van but now doing research I'm just I'm thanking you so seriously you know please comment down below if you've come across other information pertaining to this confusion or you know anything so anyways on that note I hope that you guys have a great day and I will talk to you later bye

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  1. Oh yeah he was definitely on the envelopes of Publishers Clearing House I used to get him and Lee Iacocca mixed up and I used to tell my mom hey look Lee Iacocca sent us a million dollars

  2. Remember though these stories online can easily be scrubbed and altered.
    What we need is. verifiable non electronic records.
    It's too bad that records can be scrubbed and altered. Ugh. Maddening. Don't take this down. Let's keep searching for truth.

    I know he was on some prize company and I thought it was PCH but I could be wrong on company name but I don't think I'm wrong
    I will pst here if I find more info.

  4. Was Ed McMahon ever affiliated with Publishers Clearing House? Contrary to popular belief, the late Mr. Ed McMahon was never affiliated with Publishers Clearing House. He formerly worked for a competitor, American Family Publishers, which is no longer in business.

  5. Ed McMahon was always Publishers Clearing House. Nobody can tell me different. I think time lines are being shifted to where 1 phone call for example may shift a person's life in a totally different direction than what actually happened. I'm just curious why the Golden Girls thing wouldn't also change. Maybe because it's so experimental they don't quite know what they are doing yet

  6. I thought it was American Family Publishers but I could be wrong. Maybe the Mandela effect is just a big hoax conspiracy to make us & everyone else question our sanity 😁🤔🤗 I personally am going to keep thinking good thoughts & being kind to others, myself, animals & the environment & hope that thinking good thoughts & being kind to others, to ourselves & to animals & the environment catches on… then maybe we can change this warped twisted world we're living in to a heaven on Earth ❤️ 😇🙏😇❤️

  7. I’m gonna be 35 in 2 months. My grandma and I always watched pch commercials on tv she always played it. Smh if she was alive she woukd say he worked for pch. Definitely something going on.

  8. You are right and McMahon was always the one in commercials going to family houses and delivering the check! The government is trying to erase or change our minds

  9. The only reason why I did publishers clearing House in the 90’s is because of Ed McMahon!? I thought he was handsome and I wanted that knock on the door from him!? I also took a picture back then With my camera on my TV with the publishers clearing House commercial starring Ed McMahon and I’m trying to find it to prove it!? There is no such thing as the Mandela effect, they are trying to make us crazy!! I am not crazy, just like they changed a couple of Bible verses!! 🌈✝️🌈

  10. They're just lying to us. To eff w your head. The world is a stage. And they want your mind. Don't fall for this.

  11. Been still trying to figure this out myself. However, why do people use Wikipedia? It is NOT reliable! It even says it's not reliable when you put in the question "is Wikipedia reliable?" to Google. Anyone can change it anytime. Too many people think Wikipedia is real lol

  12. So I do agree with all this Mandela effect stuff including this one but for credibility of your video I really wish YouTuber would stop citing any info from Wikipedia … You could easily go to American family publishers own site and look and their info rather than wiki same for almost everything

  13. The solution is quite simple. A universe in the multiverse exists where McMahon was the spokesman, and this universe intersectswith our own closely enough that we share memories with our other self. Those people are wondering why everyone knows about manbuns while never actually seeing one.

  14. Did you edit the date off the AFP site? American Family Publishers was an American company that sold magazine subscriptions. Since its founding in 1977, American Family Publishers ( wait why is the location different? Headquarters New Jersey
    , United States Ehh?

  15. That year jumped out at me right away!! If American Family was incorporated in 1996 that would mean Ed McMahon had his gig with them sometime between my junior year of high school to … whenever. So, why do I have an old VHS video of me and my friends on my 9th birthday doing a PCH parody (in 1989). Guess who I played? Ed McMahon!! This is nuts.

  16. Thank you for this investigation! In the late 1980's and early 1990's I taped many programs off TV which included the commercials! I think I have the Ed McMahon PCH commercials on these tapes. I am checking the old tapes now looking for it and will forward this information to you if I can find it. Wish me luck! Stayed tuned.

  17. If you search “Johnny Carson on Letterman “ where Johnny gives Dave a check from ed with PCH CLEARLY printed on it. I’ll check date ……. is the link.

  18. I'm not sure what Wikipedia page you went to, but the one I see for American Family Publishers ( clearly lists they were founded in 1977 in New Jersey and that Ed McMahon was their spokesperson.

  19. You can incorporate in any year. Your company could be around for years before you become a corporation. All that states is that in 1996 they decided to be a corporation. If your company is small enough you don't have to incorporate. I work for a company now that has been around for 20 years and only incorporated 5 years or 6 years ago based in California, and incorporated in Delaware to pay lower taxes as most corporate companies do. No Mandela effect, just how business works.

  20. Why is this even a ME?!?

    I have a theory of of what likely happened.

    All we see now is only PCH denying Ed McMahon association, and we took their word as truth/reality.

    What if I told you that he indeed worked with PCH
    and did indeed send big fat checks to door and then for some reason they're in conflict or dispute due to him being "double agent" or worked for AFP at the same time and that pissed PCH off so much so that PCH remove all their association with Ed McMahon.

    That would explain all memories and "residues" such as what we seen like Johnny late night show, Ed rapping about delivering checks etc.

    That would also explain why he died broke, probably from a lawsuit from PCH.

    Everything make sense as long as we don't take PCH's apparent denial of association as they wanted to portray.

    PCH must be laughing their ass off as their simple denial caused people into believing in alternative timeline.

  21. To all the people so upset about this and insisting he worked for PCH…just cause you haven't heard of something (AFP) or don't remember it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. This is the highest degree of narcissism.

  22. Even the writers of That 70's Show thought Ed worked for PCH. Season 4 episode 9, The Forgotten Son. According to the license plate at the beginning of the show the year is 1978. Leo thinks he inherited a million dollars from his 'Uncle Ed'. The envelope he hands Hyde has 'Pete's Clearing House' written on it. Clearly a take on PCH. Hyde asks Leo: Your Uncle Ed is Ed McMahon? I was born in 1968 and would have sworn Ed was the spokesperson for PCH. Interesting how so many people have the same incorrect memory. Even CNN.

  23. Very common among companies back in the day. Change a word but 'pass' as a larger company.
    Ed McMahon was AFP's spokesman. No big deal. No conspiracy. No psy-ops here.

  24. At 2:32 there is a screen shot of AFP's wikipedia saying it was incorporated in 1996 in Utah. Here is what it says now…American Family Publishers

    Industry Magazine subscriptions

    Headquarters New Jersey, United States

    Area served

    United States

    Key people

    President: Ms. Terry L. Rupp

    American Family Publishers was an American company that sold magazine subscriptions. Since its founding in 1977, American Family Publishers (AFP) has been one of America's leading marketers of magazine subscriptions. AFP is jointly owned by TAF Holdings, Inc. (a subsidiary of Time Inc.) and a group of private investors. It is best known for running sweepstakes in which a large amount of money was offered as the grand prize (in a range of several hundred thousand to one or more million dollars). The winner was chosen at random, by a professional auditing company, from among all who responded to the sweepstakes, regardless of whether a magazine subscription was purchased.[1]

  25. In this song by a local St. Louis, MO-based band called Hudson and the Hoodoo Cats, they reference Ed McMahon "knockin at my door" after they won the 'publisher's sweepin' house" and then he "bout fell out". Back in 1998. I own the CD but couldn't find a playable version online anywhere.

  26. AFP – American Family Publisher Clearing House Commercial – Ed McMahon is actually on YouTube…LOL.

  27. American Family Publishers was an American company that sold magazine subscriptions. Since its founding in 1977, American Family Publishers has been one of America's leading marketers of magazine subscriptions.
    clipped from their website not wikipedia which is often wrong as it is written and edited by the internet.

  28. I'm 59, and I remember Ed doing ads for American Family. There are lots of them on YouTube, as well. As far as the date in the above Wikipedia reference, that is the date they were incorporated. A company can exist long before it becomes incorporated. Note the bit further down where it says the company was originally based in New Jersey. That would indicate it was a company before it was "incorporated in 1996 in Utah".

  29. No, Ed was spokes person for American Family Sweepstakes. Here's a commercial: People are just cross-associating him with PCH, like a Democrat relating someone else's accomplishment as their own!

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