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hello everybody oh my gosh five people are already watching this is awesome hello everybody on this beautiful Tuesday if you are watching on the replay thank you so much for stopping by Izzie's hanging out for now but sometimes she gets camera shy today's top is gonna be a fun one it came about maybe a week or two ago someone commented on one of my videos and asked me a few questions and they're like hey you know it might be a good topic to have secrets for publishing low content no content books and I want to say secrets in quotation marks cuz it's not like there's any deep dark secret it's hard work of course but I thought I would share some tips today on things that might not be common knowledge but have helped me along the way so Anna thank you for stopping by I appreciate all your support as always self-publishing Medill haha Izzy she's the acting manager today yeah she got to make sure I'm doing everything okay mr. Darrin Wiggins my awesome Canadian how are you doing Victoria welcomes hey what is going on Tammy Sadek how are you doing I hope everything is well in your world Janice hello two blue eyes hey y'all Anita Armour who everyone's stopping by Patti Patti what's up Sergio Jesus Derrick snow sash what ladies samsara Giancarlo primeira hello from Mexico how are you doing Jules hi Kelly my first live cast hi from the UK thank you for stopping by staying up for this Varun mojo Janet good morning I hope you've had a great week I've had an awesome week the sun is shining today it's gonna be beautiful I haven't paid my taxes yet so I'm still in a good mood um I see who else did I stop by lady hello from Paris oh that would be an amazing city to be at for Rosana we all want the secrets I'm gonna share five things that I think have helped me but let me finish saying hello Hillary hello from Florida how's the weather in Florida is it getting super hot yet I know here in Ohio it's starting to get warm and awesome Judy dick how are you mojo rusk gillian phillips you look forward to seeing my videos each two you say thank you so much that means the world to me Southwind and reseller how are you doing Hillary Oh starting to heat up gotcha well today like I said earlier secrets to low no content books and this came about from a viewer she had the idea or he I forget who asked it was asking some questions so I was like oh this would be a cool topic so five things first thing I gotta say and it may be common knowledge or common sense always be learning you know when I started this no content business I see I've done 3/4 fours it's it was so different back then as to what it is now so if you are just starting this business don't think that what's working for you now may work six months from now it might but don't be afraid to try new things and don't be afraid to go outside the box number two don't overanalyze things too much I see this quite a bit in Facebook and sometimes my YouTube comments that well should I do this what's the best size what's the best price you know just try it out you know just learn the basics learn what's a no-no from Amazon or KDP and then just go for it you never know until you try and this business is so exciting because what works for me may not work for you and vice versa so that would be a secret number two and then secret number three is to keep track of your best-selling niches year after year so I personally don't like to rely on my memory because I can't it might lead me the wrong way so keep a spreadsheet and it does not have to be too difficult you know after every month take five minutes okay what's so good for me bam bam bam so you have this spreadsheet for next year so you don't forget this say I don't know wedding was a hot selling niche for you in this this predictive future wedding is gonna be a hot niche for you in May of 2019 write that down so when you're processing journals in 2020 you see that weddings were hot for you in May of 2019 and you're like oh I gotta make sure I have him out on time so that's worked well for me tip number four and I would say this was probably the most important do things that no one else is doing my sake Kalia well duh well that's pretty much fun I went through my reports this morning and I saw a pattern all of my best-selling books or most of them were either first to market or I'm in a niche that hardly one else is in right now the books that sell maybe a ones or twos there's other people in the niche so go out there do your research if you know a weird niche go in it see what happens you know if for instance I can't think say sketchbooks you know there's probably thousands of sketchbooks on the market if most of them are say eight and a half by eleven try some five by eight sout try some pocket sketchbooks or something like that just do something different and then number five also goes back to number four you got to balance this what no balance this with knowing what people are searching for by using Amazon and Google you know I say balance it because if you find a weird niche it might not show up in the drop-down but to gain confidence and to gain sales you've got to provide products that people are looking for so it's a fine balance and when I first started out this is relating back to number one I pretty much only used Amazon I saw a people research on Amazon and boom I made products for that but with so many people on the market now with no content low content books I think Google is another helpful tool to do the research and do the publishing so those are my five tips let me go back in the chat before I have one or two more things to say so who else did I miss Ron Knights little good afternoon let me scroll back up Ron nice I'll thank you for stopping by Mary Vogelsong Sascha yeah I think the kitty is sick of being my manager Diana how are you doing I got your email I just haven't gotten to it yet all right I saw it I should say I haven't gotten to it yet Kevin powers out my phone is down the 34% oh well thank you for providing this time during your day I appreciate it and I hope your power comes on very soon Janice it's great that there is no cost to trying things out apart from our own time absolutely absolutely a hundred percent agree tiny bird lol I have my cat sleeping behind me too I put on my Instagram she actually got upset when I put the blinds down a little bit more so cuz it's getting sunny and hot here and I I swear she was cussing me out in her own kitty language ah I see sash wow you are so nice that 34 percent will be well spent watching Kelly Anna yes I've made products that were first to the market in the past and it usually takes longer then again momentum but once they do absolutely and that brings up a good point ebooks are taking longer to get it moves longer to get into the algorithm and I don't know if y'all have noticed that there is an issue with Amazon right now and some books are showing is unavailable it's happening to me – I tried this morning trying to find a pattern but I couldn't find one but you know at least the ones for me they're still up and they're sold by a third-party company I don't know how but at least we're getting some type of money I think it would be expanded distribution so I'm trying to look at the positives I saw in our Facebook group that Amazon is aware of it but they don't have a solution yet I saw that post in my Facebook group maybe a couple of hours ago so maybe Amazon has a solution by now but that's the update on that gave me a legendary hey Kelly I've been enjoying your content since for weeks now and have 50 books out there already whoa congratulations you are awesome lady and Sarah uses Google – sweet Steve gee thanks for the advice you are welcome I hope they help Kelly published are you still consistently making 5k a month with merch and KDP combined yes I will say I haven't been publishing as many books so my numbers have went down but yeah I'm consistently making that with my main two income sources do do there's no try I love that mojo for sure usually out for an hour's – last time was 10 hours gamey and legendary how many books should I publish to hit 1k a month it depends it depends what strategy you want if you just want to do line journals and rely on organic traffic you will need a lie but if you still rely on organic traffic and pick some hot niches like maybe holidays or something you could hit a thousand dollars but it might not be consistently and lastly gaming legendary if you want to do some low content books it might not take as many but it will take longer to produce so I would say it just depends on your niche and your strategy yes Sergio I think a lot of people are emailing it wouldn't hurt if you want to take a few minutes to report it so because the more instances they have they'll have more data seems like it's happening to a lot of people Rob how are you thank you for stopping by yes ladies answer yes me too it takes over 72 hours for new books to really show before max they were 48 we're up yeah it's taking a while the only thing that's really quick yesterday I did a lot of price changes those were fast if you go to edit and you just directly choose edit pricing and just all you want to do is edit the price for me it just immediately goes to updates publishing and it's just really fast dianna very weird not one sale and merch yet this morning mm-hmm or I've been having several sales before lunch for months now I don't know what's up with Amazon I don't know if KDP and March are like correlated when it comes with these systems but I know with KTP they are doing a lot of updates to the categories also known as browse pass so I don't know if that's related as well but we all know one thing Amazon is customer centric they're a data company and they're always changing so just gotta roll with it Amy Nikolas was live just now as well yay she is so awesome hello back I see Hillary gaming I'm at 800 books published in at 3,000 a month I hit 1000 a month at 400 books that is that's a good number that is freaking awesome and thank you for sharing and congrats on your success Janice anyone struggling to upload the moment I am stuck uncovered crater and it won't load oh I haven't uploaded anything this morning Janice but I would say you can save it as draft get out of there and go back into the browser and see what happens Diana Eden thank you so much for the super chat I appreciate all your support thank you so much for all your help tell your us on the tips you share on point ah I appreciate you so much thank you so so much for your support yes Hillary those numbers are super impressive typos it's okay um the last thing I was going to say is one of the common questions I get is what knit should I publish it and I have shared a lot of tips and questions and everything in previous videos but I did create an e-book in case y'all just want to in one spot and so if you wanted that ebook I do have the link into the description below but I do also have it at Kelly published calm slash snitches it's just a product to have all in one spot in case you're interested so that could help as well if you don't know my sales stink I don't know what to publish it that might help you a little bit and if you have any questions about it just shoot me an email or let me know yes your numbers are awesome Hillary for sure Jules you're hopeless at the keyboard no but how's everyone else doing today 51 people in here um for those who just joined in summary the secrets for what I think would help is and I'm gonna go there superfast always learning things do not overanalyze things too much I see too many questions of what price what size just do it you know lovely Amazon let's as published without spending a dime right now so take advantage of that keep track of your best-selling niches each month so year after year you can you know not have to rely on your memory and you can just keep a spreadsheet do things no one else is doing when I have books that sell well I'm usually first to market or in a weird niche and then also balance this but knowing when people are searching for by using Amazon or Google so that's summary if you always missed the beginning Diana oh yes I need that book cool just let me know if you have questions ladies samsara I'm obsessing over q4 already oh my gosh that reminds me I think I saw a post I don't know if Amy post it or what but we are six months to court or four is it that crazy um I I saw that and I was like oh my goodness but q4 is amazing but it's hard work all year long so and that is the start a quarter four so that would be Halloween I certainly don't want to rush summertime because it's my favorite time of the year because of the weather but it's gonna be here before we know it see Hilary most of mine are six by nine line journals but I also sell guest books and financial journals that have done well that's awesome I'm right there with you I have some guest books that do well and I don't have any financial journals but for my research I've seen those do well two people are trying to budget and people you know the whole movement of working for yourself and quitting your job is huge right now so I think that's part of it as well but that's also that's so cool you found a niche that popular people are looking for and people use over and over again especially financial journals you know people run out oh you know unfortunately money is not going away so people always need and want that stuff sash why during q4 it is everything so more or is it just the holiday theme journals that drive those crazy numbers everyone does no everywhere everything sells um that's not a guarantee I know but I personally don't have too many holiday themed journals I was just saying this I think in our group that even my designs that come from my merch shirts don't aren't big sellers unless it's during the holiday season so people are willing to spend more money and people just want to buy gifts for a lot of people so that's why everything sells more I don't know what to call your name Squares sorry even though they accept copyright keywords on the keywords field has anyone been banned direct message for doing so they accept them but if they catch you they will take action and I did send them a message asking them specifically because I was reading the rules more because I've been asked about keywords and if you violate any of those rules and people find out you'll you'll get either banned or told to stop but I don't know anyone who has for KDP at least I've heard banned for audio a tiny bird I spent a lot of time on a little Content book it did a great design and a niche which doesn't have many books and ones that are selling or doing well but the book isn't selling wonder how to improve it I would say look at your keywords maybe talk to a few friends that know the niche if possible and see what they think you could also run an ad and with a fairly low budget using a MS or AAA as it's known now and see if people click on it if people if you get impressions but no clicks it means people aren't resonating with the because just because tiny bird you think it's a great cover it might not resonate with the audience that the journal is for but I would also say for improvements doing small if you change everything at once you don't really know what made it right if that makes sense Selina how are you doing so good to see you Anna q for scares the heck out of me right now it's gonna be our first holiday season with a baby whoa well it's gonna be super exciting for you I did have someone Anna in my mastermind she was in your same situation last year and they just did as much as possible without stressing themselves leading up to quarter four and they did amazing so maybe take that strategy if you aren't already because I know you're doing well in this business Janice do you think at some point KTP will introduce tears like merch I don't in my opinion I don't think tears as much as limits and I only say this because in the CreateSpace days people were limited to like 20 or 25 uploads and I would think if they would introduce tears they would have done it back then but it is Amazon you never know I really don't know how much Katie pian and merch like talk to each other so but that's just my opinion it would be nice going back on your comment Janet that they do something because it is getting pretty crazy sesh what keywords are a part of your metadata so it's better to avoid trademark terms and also they don't like using trademark terms because of customer confusion you know if someone is searching I don't know for Barbie and then someone uses Barbie in a journal that might have a unicorn on it it it's just confusing that's a bad example but that's the first trademark thing that came to my mind Jana is there a maximum number of pen names no I think I'm going on 40 or 50 and I don't even know if I've come track of all of them the only limit you have is when it comes to author central there's only three pen names per account but you can open up multiple accounts however I will say with I know this was not asked by you Janet but since I mentioned authors central I personally don't even worry about that anymore so if you're not worried about authors central I would say unlimited pen names ah Hillary do you run much AMS oh I go in spurts I would say on average I start three to five ads a week so it's not very much and then I I think I have maybe 30 active right now because in the beginning I went gung-ho and I did like 10 to 20 and then I just check it and I'm like oh this put some juice on this is put some juice I just don't spend a lot of time on it cuz also for me and with no content books it's not a huge moneymaker so I'm not making hundreds or thousands so that's why I've just decided not to spend a lot of time on it gamey and legendary thanks for your previous advice you are welcome one more question I was trying to upload some blank journals but Katy peek keeps refusing them is there nothing in them how do I upload blink journals you cannot have more than three blank pages in a row so you have to put something on there whether that's a border whether that's some doohickey I've also has success putting date and then a small line so people can put in the date so that's why – why Kelly polish do you see KDP low content getting as popular as merges in the near future low content no no content potentially because no content is just really easy to just spit out with just lines make your cover BAM you're done but low content really takes a lot to get up and I really don't it depends also if the people who are getting into it just wants to get to the designs up as much as possible or if they're really interested in taking time to make interiors there is no wrong answer but I think that'll be a factor on to the popularity in the future so I hope that helps ladies samsara yep you just answered I agree I I didn't see your answer lady before answering myself but I definitely agree Anna I'm trying to automate as much as I can right now me too I don't know about automation for me more than book processing so I'm all about especially a nice weather doing more work and less time that's I'm all about that Sergio I do remember someone getting an emo because they used a known author name in the keywords I I wouldn't doubt it for sure Janice yes it's getting crazy I'm seeing a lot of low quality books and some niches and I think Amazon will have to do something to control it more Amazon is all about data so I I have a hundred percent confidence that Amazon will definitely do the right thing and I hope that people that really love the business are able to stay in it I don't know what's gonna happen I don't want to jump to conclusions but I from being an Amazon KTP since 2000 14 or 15 don't do something KTP takes more effort than merch it does for sure there are getting a lot of programs though to make it faster young ola how are you doing John Wasser nice background thank you thank you so much for stopping by I appreciate it sash what never did merch that's okay if you are enjoying KTP go with it ah I see Selena curious if you're still active with adding content to red bubble no actually no I'm sticking to KTP with some merch when I feel like it because I have a love-hate relationship with merch so I really got to enjoy it to actually upload to it so yeah and there are so many platforms out there it really for me since I started vlogging I was like I really don't want to add more to my plate what can I take away so it still seems like the same workload so I haven't uploaded to Zazzle I haven't uploaded to red bubble and I stopped doing t public as well so um I know some people get good sales with red bubble when I was uploading I think my biggest month was maybe a hundred fifty bucks and that was in December of last year hey young likes giving me a hard time but that's his personality it is a-ok Kate do you think Amazon will ever charge a fee per ISBN I wouldn't like it but I think it would stop a lot of spammy garbage that's a great point um that that could potential you know I could see them doing one of the several things I could see them charging price VN I could see them charging some type of a membership Felix seller central does or if you don't want to do a membership fee they take more fees out before you get your royalties I could see them doing tears I could see them limiting uploads each day so there's a whole number of things and there might be something we've never even thought of before because when they first implemented the merge tears and the limitations each day people went crazy but I would have never thought they would have done such a thing so we we just don't know see young has some fans in the house Daniella you almost missed my livestream it is a ok you'll have to go back the first five ish minutes I talk about my secrets ana personally I don't think as many people getting a KDP as merch KDP requires a little more upfront work as far as formatting etc yeah I mean time will tell I think people are really super excited right now so but I know people do think that KTP has a lot of work Janice I heard young say in another video that you said to put the low and no content books and fiction categories not nonfiction can you explain that please I don't know when I said that uh uh I've never put a low content and no content book in fiction so so Janice if you're still around uh I'll explain why I do not agree with putting men fiction because it's not a fiction book so I really don't think you should put books in categories that aren't about your book sorry to get super passionate about that but I've done research lately and I've seen books in wrong categories and I so frustrated Janet what happens to merch returns considering trying to get approved you get that money taken away from your account but I don't think that should hinder your thoughts of getting of applying for it let's see John might drop merch comparing the finished t-shirts to my Shopify store merger it's the quality differences plainly was visible printful it's far superior no Amazon sales yet you got to do it you got to do and you definitely got to figure out time is money I see Salina it's okay I appreciate all your support Hawkins you could get in trouble if they think you missed categorize your book on purpose it all comes down to customer experience so I mean Amazon's rules are vague but it all comes down a customer experience and if they think you're trying to manipulate sales they could I see you're welcome Janice again I'm sorry I got so passionate about it I've just seen some bad stuff recently see Tammy I see books and weird and wrong categories frequently it is annoying absolutely I agree I'll just briefly touch on categories real fast I do have another video on it about how to add more than the two categories pretty much I just add a category I think my book is related to I don't think too long and hard on it because in my opinion and I still try to research this if I have a book in adult humor that is ranked 10,000 527 in books does that really make a bit of difference so that's why people spam it so you know don't spam it but don't take too long trying to figure out is this category appropriate for my book if you're publishing a book that's funny choose humor what's funny about it BAM go on with your day and try to find a second one Tammy you're right I've listed some and non classifiable as well because if you can't think of it quickly you meaning like me to everyone in general if you have to take too much time to think about the category just click the non classifiable and go on with your day I really think the title subtitle and key words means so much more than a no content book category let's see what else Tracy hi Kelly how do we know what's a great cover see some horrible covers that don't seem to sell well and great covers that don't sell are there examples I think it depends on your niche I really do if you have a book that's maybe more prompt style or prayer journals or gratitude journals I think I don't have any of these out but I think it probably means a more detailed cover that resonates with the buyer but if you have something also like a guest book you know some people like simple some people like complex so there really isn't any examples it just depends on what the audience wants and resonates with and that just varies from niche to niche gaming how many books do you have live on Amazon I haven't checked recently I know it's over 6,000 by now I see I like to consider the categories an SEO boost if the category name has a keyword that matches my book that's the one that's a good point – for sure a great cover is one that sells well it should be balanced and readable as a thumbnail yeah I mean that's that's another good point – John says if people need to read what's on your cover and if the words on your cover are very important you need to be able to see them from a thumbnail so that's a very good point he brings up so this has been an awesome 35 minutes I can't believe how fast it's gone by I hope everyone is having a great day Steve asked how do you see the future of the no content book for 2020 to 2025 I'm just trying to get past 2019 I'm not trying to rush things but in my opinion and I've said this since day one or since I've had this channel journals and notebooks and workbooks are a million dollar industry if not billion so there's going to be so much opportunity you know if Amazon makes some changes that are harder for us to publish journals and low content all that stuff there's always at sea there's always loulou books there's always Ingram there's always building your own brand there's always Shopify so print-on-demand is really huge so that in general I don't think it's going to be slowing down it just depends on Amazon's rules and if you are open to being flexible in the future see go go how far away do you live from the casino oh it's a quick drive um totally off topic but I love gambling um I love blackjack and video poker I would say it's 5050 so I've gotten to the point where if I'm up I use my mother-in-law's role if you've doubled your money walk away walk away I do that most of the time and it works out pretty well so um last question Tammy do you play around with listing books on Barnes and Noble no I do not because I don't think the royalty is worth it I think I have I have my merch account and I have my KDP and I have so many ideas for that until those ideas run dry and I need other options I don't think I'm going to be touching Barnes and Noble Oh Diana you can come anytime Dale loves craps I love the crops machine in Vegas the rules in Ohio are gonna like them you can't have automated craps machines here in Ohio so don't play it here but love playing it in Vegas yeah it's hammy I totally agree marry Amazon is like love you have to hold it loosely that is funny well anyways my friends I appreciate you guys stopping by hanging out with me on this Tuesday I hope you guys have an awesome week and I'll see you next Tuesday at 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time

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