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>>VOICEOVER: From the Library of
Congress in Washington, D.C.>>HERB: One of the most
difficult things I had to deal with when I learned I had
impaired my vision was that I wouldn’t be able to read. When
people alerted me to the Library of Congress program, I realized
I could listen.>>MARY: There’s all kinds of
formats that you can choose from. You can choose from large
print or braille or audio. What I love about the audio books is
that I could be cooking and I could be listening to a book.>>MELANIE: I love audio books,
but there are times when, for me, for a number of reasons, I
just like to be able to feel the braille under my fingers.>>YASMIN: The books, they come
in the mail. The mailman drops them in my mailbox. I have a big
mailbox for that purpose.>>PETE: The equipment is loaned
to you by the library. And when you finish reading a book, you
turn the mailing card over, and it goes straight back.>>EDDIE: The NLS has pretty much
anything you’d possibly want to read, from fiction to
educational materials.>>TERIANA: It has expanded my
horizon because I’m trying to learn some more.>>PETE: Everybody can read the
way they want to read using this program.>>NARRATOR: Visit or call 1-888-NLS-READ to learn more
about the Library of Congress braille and talking book
program. Apply for NLS today.>>VOICEOVER: This has been a
presentation of the Library of Congress. Visit us at

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