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My mom, she actually put my gun in her purse
a lot of times, you know what I’m saying. Ma do put the gun in her purse sometimes,
you know what I’m saying. I be like, ma, hold the gun. Somebody gonna search you, they ain’t gonna
search ma deuce. I think it’s a drug lord. I really don’t know. Listen, that was the beat name and I liked
the beat name, so I just went with Capo. Midas, he sent the beat to my phone. When I made this song, I was at One Sound
Studio. One Sound Studio, it’s in Memphis, South Memphis. It’s way better studios than One Sound, but
it’s nothin’ like home. Now, I just freestyle the whole song, usually. But that one, when I heard that beat I was
like, “Man, I gotta write to it,” I was to make it just right. When I made the song and it was done I was
like, “Yeah, it’s hit, for sho.” They woke up now, cause I’m on now. First they were sleeping. But they caught on too late, they overslept. Everybody was like, bro, I was watching reaction
videos, they was like bro did you hear what the fuck, did you hear this man? And I was saying, I was like, you know what
I’m saying, cold shit. If I had a girl or something, I would put
my gun in her purse. I really marry her if she shoot it too. Yeah. A lot of people thought that was a dis to
Bobby. Nah. Bobby hard. The energy Bobby gave, especially this song
Bobby Bitch. You know what I’m saying how Bobby Shmurda
went, hot nigga how he threw the hat up and it never came down? This was a, you know what I’m saying, a little
line I felt was a bar, you know what I’m saying? I fuck with that line. Imagine me and Bobby on a song, that shit
crazy. Most niggas they need drugs to, like, do something. If you need a drug to put in work, you shouldn’t
be doing it cause when you sober, you get caught up, you gonna tell it all. I been feeling good lately. I’m doing something
that a 16 year old not a lot of 16 year olds get to do. So I’ve been feeling, you know what I’m saying,
blessed and humble lately. Keep smiling, keep moving. Try not to let people trick you out your spot. So that’s how I been feeling lately. I feel like … I said that bar because, first
off Brady got good aim in the pocket. Second of all, it was a word play, with if
I got my pistol out the pocket, I got good aim. Pocket like I’m Brady. So, yeah it was pretty much a word play. That’s real important, knowing who your friends
beefing with and all they enemies, because they enemies is your enemies too. You never know what this person, what your
friend done did to this person. But with me, with all my friends, I’m on point. I know what all they done did, so I know who
the ops. Instead of signing to a record label, I signed
to United Masters where they can distribute my music. They have a team to help distribute my music,
a marketing team all that, a designing team, all that. They can help you. But at the end of the day you still own all
your music. It’s independent but you still got help. Lil Trey, my boy. Me and him started this. NLE, No Love Entertainment, we started that. I think everybody had hoop dreams. Either it was football, basketball, soccer,
at the end of the day its all in the same category. With the bars, I say I try to be the most
outcasts I can get. You get hit by a train, your head be coming
off. Shit like that. I went to a basketball game. It was every two steps I had to take a picture,
so I’m like one, two, picture. One, two, picture. So, I couldn’t breathe. At the point it be annoying, but when you
sit back and look at it, you like, “Bro, I’m blessed.” I got a Sprinter Van. I ain’t just got no car yet. You can have people rent your Sprinter. So, yeah it was real investment. I know how to drive, but I ain’t got my permit,
or my license. So, It really be a waste of money I guess. People keep telling me it’s hard to get the
permit part or something. I just be like, “Fuck it.” I just keep calling Ubers everywhere I go. Kendall bad. She bad, y’all sleeping on Kendall. Matter fact, Kendall … hit me up. Kylie too. Hold up, she got a boyfriend? Nevermind. Kim though? I don’t care who Kim go with. On my life. Chief Keef was a big inspiration. Big part of … like music in general. He messed with Memphis heavy. He was … He messed with a guy from Memphis. A lot of people probably don’t know him, J-Money
Trulla. J-Money, he was a big idol in Memphis. You know what I’m saying, J-Money died unfortunately. But, Chief Keef was messing with him heavy. So, the whole Memphis was rocking with Chief
Keef too. I feel like I’m a beast. Can’t be tamed, can’t be stopped. Police can’t stop it, ops can’t stop it. Beast, king, onion ring, lookin’ ass. I ain’t been to Panama, I don’t think. Only reason I said Panama, is because it rhymed
really. But, I can’t wait to go to Panama. I heard it’s nice. Wait, Panama in Florida ain’t it? Damn, that’s not in Florida? Ah, that’s funny as hell. I’m trippin’. So, it ain’t no Panama, Florida? Man, I gotta Google this shit. For real? I was finna’ say. I’m like, “Hold up cuz.” If you knocking out somebody’s spaghetti,
you knocking they brains out. This is one reason why I don’t smoke weed. Because, when I eat certain stuff, it look
like brains to me. I remember when I used to smoke weed, I used
to always want to go to Waffle House. I get to Texas bacon cheese steak, with some
hash browns, and I put ketchup on my hash hash browns. And I remember one day, I threw up. Because, when I was eating the hash browns,
my head told me, “Bruh, you eating brains.” And I threw up. Real talk. That’s why I don’t like weed, I don’t like
weed. You can keep the blunts.

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  1. 3:22, "Wont sell out for a couple mil."
    "I signed to United Mass where they can distribute my music."
    lol love you choppppppppa

  2. no one:

    absolutely no one:

    NLE Choppa: “*mumble muble* ya know what i’m saying mumble ya know what i’m saying”

  3. I need that actual beat link because i look up capo instrumental but its trash beats iwant the actual beat

  4. Not all rappers smoke weed.. you focus way better sober you grind 24.7 no lacking. Don’t do drugs kids I’m telling you its not worth it. It’s addictive like smoking cigarettes messes with your mindset.

  5. Hope you do good bro u 🤙🤙sound like your a real kid with actual talent and brains 🧠 go hard son.. go hard never get tricked out of your spot.. real shit..🥂

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