NK hiding contents of her phone

30 thoughts on “NK hiding contents of her phone

  1. She is a cheap whore… 👊🏼
    Homewrecking b*tch. Pretending she can't work her phone! In Dublin,Ireland the Gardai would NEVER allow you to have your phone while been interrogated.
    And if a policeman made a comment to me regarding the death of 2 innocent little girls I'd do everything in my power to show I had nothing to do with it.. I believe she encouraged him to murder Shanann,Cece,Bella & Niko.
    She will NEVER be anywhere near what Shanann was.

  2. She's so not likable. Two babies were just murdered along with their pregnant (2nd trimester) mother and you wanna know WHY the police want your phone in its entirety?! Especially after you and your made up story about WHY you deleted everything from or to CW in you're phone?!

  3. Seems like it would be enough for them to had charged her for something..
    She is the “excuse” for the tragedy. —both are to blame.
    They should both be behind bars.
    I feel like she “encouraged” him. – unfortunately he was just so intrigued by her selfishness.
    Nonetheless, of whatever mind control- he should have had better sense and some self control. How does someone even begin to have such a idea of annihilating his own family??
    Weak-mindset has cost Shananns family a high price that they’ll probably never get over. Therefore,Nichol and Chris should both pay in years in prison.
    Her voice makes me sick. Constantly stalling to see what she needs to say and not to say.
    Neither one is a good liar. 😒

  4. I got NO doubt anymore NIKKI IS a guilty party TOO
    She killed the CHILDREN, maybe even Shannan!? CW was NOT alone, c'mon he might be a malicious NARCISSIST like Nikki been to the house, she was in their bed! FBI might be DUMB, I'm NOT
    She's just the smarter NARCISSIST, playing DUMB 4police & FBI
    They should look into HER MORE 4SURE

  5. NK commented she believe in KARMA & she better be prepared for the arrival of KARMA coming her way in due time soon.

  6. The way she talks is so guilty “she hasn’t brought it up since or connected the dots” WHAT DOTS???? and her playing stupid like she didn’t hate kids?! A lot of people don’t want kids! Why not just be HONEST. She’s guilty of something

  7. Im think thats NOT the real cell phone,,,This is why the detectives are not going to find anything,,, Remember she didn't delete everything,,thats why you can only see text from a few days,, l think she put her cell chip in that cell phone,,,not sure just guessing,,, why would CW make her sick to have text in her phone,,, just don't look at the,,, Why is she so whiney with the detective,,, And the detectives right…what does her friends dad have to do with anything about this case,, she didnt even have to bring that up,,,Yah NK did mention the kids earlier interview saying when she was talking on the phone with a friend saying that all the guys l date these days has kids,,, she knew how much CW loved his kids,,, She said that he's all about his kids,,, and NK said to CW lm not going to play second fiddle to your wife,,,, NK NEVER wanted Shannan and Chris kids,,, She wanted Chris to herself,,, She said and did something to help him.

  8. She's more concerned about getting in trouble for talking about the case! I don't know if it's a strategy or if she is that stupid!

  9. Shes leaning back as if shes pointing her pussy at him. Its embarassing. They are picked uniquely to have certai traits that do not budge to ANY of that.

  10. You'd think if someone was planning a murder, they would buy burner phones!! By now, in this day and age WE ALL KNOW deleted shit can be retrieved… How dumb can people seriously be?!?….
    I went through HELL when my best friend was murdered in august 2016. The questions they asked me were repetitive but phrased differently so they could see if my answer would be different. They wanted to go through our msgs etc… the reason I was interrogated was because she spent the entire day before her death at my house….
    Those if us who truly knew her knows who killed her!!!!
    So, why they wouldn't use burner phones is beyond me!!!!!!

  11. She says to the detective. I'm curious though why do you need to see everything on my phone? Umm because its a homicide investigation about the man you've been sneaking around with you dumb ass!!

  12. She was just Worried about Her Nude and Nasty Photos Sent and Her Sexting being Seen. lol Wonder how that Conversation went with her Father? Why doesn't this Officer just say, look I'm taking your phone and that's the end of it! You don't get a say! Do you think She's deleting while She's Sitting there?

  13. She hated the fact that he had a wife and kids. And yes I think Chris will throw her under the bus soon.

  14. She fucking absolutely knows every think her body language fuck how didn't you get charge💯💯💯💯💯😡😡😡😡😡👈🏿👈🏿👈🏿👈🏿👈🏿

  15. I just watched this and it's such a good reading and outlook on the Chris Watts case. https://youtu.be/N_tGlzZ_Fe4

  16. I Think NK Helped CW put them in the Tanks As why would he go up two Sets of Stairs and they looked quite A Long way up when Any one could of arrived at any time and Caught Him No if on his own he would of carried them up together and put them in the one tank

  17. That voice!!” Why do you need to look at everything on my phone?” DUR it’s a fking triple murder involving babies & pregnant woman!! Yet she needs to ask “ why’d you need my phone?” For same reason you deleted all your texts you bitch!!!

  18. She’s obviously hiding why else is she so sketched out about the police wanting her phone and asking a bunch of questions? I’d be like here ya go

  19. She Talks more than the Detective, she’s discusting lier. She cries about the kids. So phoney. She’s So Full Of BS

  20. Look at How she’s sitting. Not very professional, like she’s talking about shit that’s stupid. I think she’s an Asshole

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