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hey guys and welcome to the last day oh my goodness I can't believe it straight I'm really sad to say about because I've had heaps of fun but I'm most excited because I am tired and I can't wait to watch some shows like I didn't watch the latest episode day in the virgin Kalyn and I recently started watching across no one or just an anime and so amazing and we haven't watched any episodes this week also my first first love which is a kdrama that I love through the two came out on Friday I think so I'm really excited to watch that as well as much as I love reading I'm excited to do some other hobbies too so anyway so far I've read eight books I don't have physical copies of some of them but yes eight books so far and I have one more Challenge left so I have to complete the challenge read a book with a nonhuman main character and once I do that I will have completed my badges page what about challenge I'm reading saga so I'm about to start this I'm gonna read it in one sitting I'm so excited to see what I think about this because I'm not usually into sci-fi I've never tried like a sci-fi graphic novel but I've just had so many amazing things about this so I'm really excited to see how I feel about it so I'm gonna be really not the same and then I will have completed all the challenges I was also planning to pick up one of these books because I'm also participating in ours this month and I don't I'm really gonna read for the remainder of the month because I need to just chill out and also have some more editing to do because I actually want to get up a video for high up on his birthday so obviously the 31st of July it's my video ranking the higher photo books and I which link filmed it last year and I kinda remember one I think it was like middle of last year so when you see that video just know if I'm different that's because it was literally lost but I've been meaning to get that video up there just hasn't been time so yeah I was gonna pick up one of these but I just wanted chill out today I do feel kind of sick I just got my period today so I think I'm just gonna take it easy I also have to wrap up the vlog earlier than usual because I have Bartle tonight so Pascal is that 7 p.m. it also is 2 p.m. and the reason I'm selling vlog now is because in the morning I had at the books with friends live show and I could took a cute little clip and thank you so much to everyone who joined us despite it being during the reading arts well I and one thing hi hashtag books and friends so yeah that was super fun and then I spent the remainder of the morning editing yesterday's vlog so that's all finished now and then it also dissipates and stuff so now until after we fossil I have time to read so yeah I think I'm not going to pick either of these up just because they're quite thick and I this one pick up another graphic novel I think didn't feel that challenge because I was going to read one of these for the challenge read a book rats houses that are so I was looking at different graphic novels that start with are and I saw rat Queens I do remember being interested in that book and he does a graphic novel so I think I'm gonna download that and read on my iPad and you know I won't finish it today but if I don't then I can just finish it within the next two days like that should be fine so yes that's what I'm gonna do just so I can relieve some stress I was looking for an audio book there were literally like no audio books that I want to read that's our that except for renegades and audio book isn't a real one that's really up anyway so yes so the plan for today finish saga in one sitting read some of rat Queens or all of rat Queens falling one I'm also going to continue listening to my audio book Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban I started this last night and I'm now on page 73 and of course I'm really loving this and actually you can see where this ranks in that ranking Harry Potter books video coming soon also I have two real who my BTS biases so maybe TS bias a lot of you guessed correctly is namjoon he is everything and he's definitely well at least for now here's my bias like I said two months ago I'm only just getting it to meet yes so you know maybe could change but I don't think it well I just connect with him the voice when I was first watching the videos and stuff I was like it's maybe it's high between namjoon and jimin but I think it's object anyway oh that's another thing I can't wait for once reading rift is over I'm gonna watch so many BTS videos amazing so anyway I'm gonna actually go outside and go my swinging chair near the pool and read this actually make a change it was kind of hot today but yeah it's a good day so it'll be nice to read there and yeah I'll let you know I think oh my gosh I also just realized these face funds are perfect for this because Syfy so I read the first chapter and so far I'm a liking it I really loved two main characters they're both really amazing characters so far I'm intrigued so yes okay I finished a saga volume 1 and honestly I loved this so much I kind of went in with like all our expectations just because I didn't know how to like it because it's adult sci-fi but wow I don't know if I'm gonna read at 4.5 or 5 stars but honestly like loved it a lot did I know you this basically follows two people who are from warring planets so they're not supposed to get along or anything but they fall in love they have a little baby and then there are bounty hunters out to get them and the story is like told from the perspective of baby because there's like narration throughout and the narrator is the baby so I thought that was really cool I also didn't expect this to be so funny like it wasn't so funny but it was definitely funny I liked the characters were just so easy to love and even though it's like a sci-fi he was just so easy to read and I loved the earth style it was definitely a bit graphic so just keep that in mind it is adult so it does have like sexual themes and stuff yeah I just loved it really wonderful PI like all the volumes right now I think I'm gonna eat now so I'll think about whether this is a fine stop potentially like I don't know I just really loved it so yeah oh my goodness I'm really happy that I loved this so it is actually quite a bit later I think it's only five because enough but yeah I'm going to eat a bit now I think I need some have a little snack so I think I'm gonna watch a vlog while I do that then I think I'm gonna do some bullet journaling I might not even start right Queens today will say but I don't know I just feel really chilled out and a little bit burnt out to be honest like I'm very tired yeah so I'm just going to have a snack and then and yet probably stop doing some blow gentling while listening she rebuffed I completely forgot that I've completed all the challenges so I get to put in these badges so let's glue them in oh my gosh I feel like this is a huge moment oh my goodness Hey and then the final batch completed all 2019 challenges okay that's kind of good oh my goodness all of the badges have been collected yes yes yes yes yes and I just got a notification that the reading rush video challenge was posted so let me watch that okay so the challenge for today is super chilled out we basically just have to tell a story about a book that we read because of someone's recommendation I feel like I don't have some super cool interesting story because most of the book and I read our books I see on booktube and other people talking about so I feel like I don't read too many books where someone told me to read it and I never heard about it for anything like that so I think I'm gonna go with the Magisterium series by Cassandra Clare and Holy Blood and the reason I chose this is because my friend Mayo you might have seen her in videos before she actually recommended me to read the series because she said it had like Harry Potter vibes and I never heard of the series until she told me about it so then I read it and I think we ended up butter eating the lost hay books and I also a buddy read who silver mask jaqen who is Mia's brother and also Mia is kaolin sister by the way and Jay King is also comes brother so we're just all really close but it was such a cool experience to bunny read it with them I actually read the Scylla and then I lent it to jiggin and he read it and then may I read it and I ant ate it and then maiya added some annotations too so it was just such a fun experience and the series isn't like my favorite thing ever it's really fun but I don't think I gave any of them five stars or anything I think my highest rating was for silver mask I think I gave that four point five out of five stars okay so such a fun series it's basically sat at a boarding school and I've always say characters and the kind of it is so lovable and the magic super interesting and the plot and the antagonist is super interesting so yeah it's just such a fun series in this middle graders I just have good memories attached this series so yeah I think that's what I'm gonna go with I'd actually love to hear your favorite book that you read because of my recommendation specifically but yes so I'm going to go back to my desk and do some board journaling while listening to my audiobook so I'm just filling out my bullet journal now and I think I'm gonna get saga by ourselves I don't know I just I really loved it and it feels right okay so this is what I've done so far for my news spread so I'm just going to put my TBR here but I'm gonna do that off camera because I am filming a TV a video say spoilers so as you can see I did this magical theme so I used this washi tape again the same that I used yesterday for my August days red and I printed out the logo for the magical read-a-thon and put it there have all cauldron I stuck in this cute little moon sticker and added some stars so yes I actually really loved how it turned out and I'm just going to finish writing the books that I plan to read okay so we've reached the end of the reign of fawn I actually have to be kind of quick because I'm running a tad bit late so I need to quickly get changed possible but I wanted to wrap up all the books that I read this week and update me on my final page count so my final page count for today is 324 I already filled out my bullet journal so these were my page hands for everyday I love this but I don't think I would do it every month because it's kind of an effort but I think I might do it for uniforms because they love tracking the pages now especially with Casas tracker I just makes it so easy but anyway so my total paycheck for the entire read-a-thon this week here's two thousand three hundred and eighty two so yes pretty cool I did get up to page 148 of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and it was actually so fun listening to the audiobook while doing my magical Sprint's it obviously seeded the vibe so yeah and of course I'm loving my reread yes so let's remove all the books that I read okay so the first book that I read was darkness the great is on okay and that was for the challenge you read a book with five or more words in the title and I gave that a five and five stars then I reread Alice's Adventures in Wonderland which of course again five stars on my favorite books and I read this for the challenge read and watch a book to movie adaptation then I read hearts of a volume two which of course I saw I freaking love this and I read this for the challenge read a book in one spot the entire time then I read main cakes which I gave five stars this was the book that I buddy right with Kevin and was so much fun and I read this for the challenge read a book with purple on the cover then I read a little monsters which unfortunately gave two stars didn't enjoy it that much and I read that for the challenge read a book that you meant to read last year then I read the monster of Ellen Haven which I gave 3.5 stars and I'm for the challenge read an author's first book then I read the last magician and this wasn't the fretting challenge but I gave this five stars and absolutely adored it this was everything then I read The Prince and the dressmaker which I gave five stars and this again wasn't for any challenge I just wanted to read it and finally I read saga volume 1 or today five stars and I read this for challenge read a book with a nonhuman character so as you can see a lot of five-star books so I had an amazing reading week Wow honestly so many new favorites like oh my gosh I'm just realizing how many amazing books I read yeah I definitely had a good reading week and I had so much fun and while of course I'm exhausted was definitely worth it and thank you so much for your comments and support throughout the week because without them I don't think I could have done it you really motivated me to keep going so thank you so much for the comments and just for watching these videos and being amazing all the time Thank You Ariel and raylene for being amazing host of such an amazing read-a-thon I absolutely loved the new additions like the website and everything so happy I got these badges so if you participated let me know how many badges you got and like your favorite read of the week and stuff like that I would love to know but I really hope you enjoyed the final reading rush logoff 2019 okay I can participate next year cuz it's honestly my favorite read-a-thon so I hope you guys enjoyed this video hope you guys having a good day or night and I'll see you in my next reading blog oh yeah whatever sweet to not be seeing you tomorrow but you'll see me soon [Applause] you

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  1. My fave rec has got to be Heartstopper! It's so adorable I love it!! The authors from near where I grew up too so it felt even more connected to me!

  2. ”I'm going to watch so many bts videos” mood

    I'm so proud book queen you conquered the reading rush periodt!!

  3. Hi chloe , thanks to you i wanted to read six of crows and now i love it , also you should listen to blackpink 💖😙

  4. Yesss Namjoon fam✊!!

    You just SCREAM Namjoon to me lol I would’ve been surprised if your bias was someone else

  5. I adore Saga with my whole heart. 😭Also, the crooked 2019 badge bothers me. LOL. So I love how you were like “oooo. Okay ew it’s kind of crooked.” Hahaha. P.S. Strange the Dreamer was always on my radar, but because of how much you loved it, and how much I love you and HP, I was like okay fine it’s time I pick it up because of Chloe… and it’s one of my favorite books of all time (right up there with them HP books and After Dark by Haruki Murakami). :3

  6. Thank you for your hard work on these vlogs, they were so lovely and motivating ❣️ hope you’re having the best day xx

  7. I feel like namjoon is everyone's bias when you're getting to know them. (My bias when i got into them and still is☺) 😊😊

  8. I couldn't participate because before the Reading Rush I got a summer job!! And I am a bit sad because my reading routine changed and maybe I could have completed the Reading Rush, but other time lol

  9. Congrats on getting the badges and finding new loved reads! I read 8 books and got 14 badges it was a really good reading week! 💕

  10. I have never read a graphic novel. Never. I dont know how i feel about it. Can you do a video on graphic novels. And also recommend some.

  11. My first first love is so good can't wait for you to watch season two sksksksk its so good ❤💕💖💜❤

  12. I love that Namjoon is your bias! I can totally see that! I predicted him!!! He is my most frequent bias wrecker……Yoongi is my bias! Omg I can't wait to hear about you falling down the rabbit hole of BTS content😂 when I fell hard April 2018 I spent HOURS watching BTS videos…….HOURS!!! And congrats on such a successful reading rush! You always AMAZE me how you manage to get so much done with work, sports, YouTube and reading! You are a dynamo😍😍😍

  13. My favorite book because of your recommendation is Strange the Dreamer!! 😃💖 and yessss Tear is high key THAT song, rap line completely killed it!

  14. tear is literally one of THE best songs I've ever had the privilege to hear :') namjoon is so incredible. he's so precious to me. yoongi is my bias but literally every single member has a special place in my heart. I'm so so happy you've started listening to BTS 💕 also if you haven't yet, you should definitely listen to namjoon's latest mixtape "mono" a literal masterpiece

  15. I read The Little Prince for the Reading Rush because of your recommendation and I absolutely loved it! I used it for the challenge, read and watch a book to movie adaptation. The Netflix original movie is a bit different from the book but still centres around the same story. Congrats on an amazing reading week and thanks for all the great vlogs!

  16. I loved watching all your reading rush vlogs ❤️ congrats on completing it and enjoying almost all of the books on your rr tbr 🙂

  17. I think I heard of Strange before your channel but it was your enthusiasm about the book that made me actually buy the duology😂
    Also these daily vlogs were really something to look forward to every day and I can't wait for next year!

  18. ooo im watching my first first love too! i was so excited to see season 2 came out but i still havent started it bc im on vacation ahh but i also am watching one called one more time as well on netflix anf im loving it! ALSO YES NAMJOON!! the president of our world! i feel like thats a very good bias for you!

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  20. yay a joon stan! been watching all your vlogs this week, and it's all been super enjoyable, gonna miss you now that it's over!

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