Nikola Tesla's Biography and Life New Full Documentary

29 thoughts on “Nikola Tesla's Biography and Life New Full Documentary

  1. The professor is correct it truly is a perpetual motion machine. We have just been played for fools by those who needed a place to hook up the meter a way to comiditise this world wide. Look in to how AC actually moves. How much power you consume or create heat vs. how much you send back to the power companies. Only after you are metered for incoming and not outgoing. Not to mention what we actually consider Elecricty vs. Resonance. I'm sure there will be plenty of people who disagree. They are probable well indoctrinated too.

  2. Was he assassinated? This happened days before the meeting with the government for his plans of the death ray. Fbi gathered his inventions when he died. How ironic.

  3. Tesla's Wardencliff tower was defunded not because it did not work but becasue it did work, it could transmit free energy anywhere and this is something the cotroller did not want as they could not put a meter on it, When J P Morgan died in the 1930's he was found to have owned 17 % of the the company J P Morgan, the rest was owned by – yes you guessed it – the Rothchilds.

  4. I am the biggest fan of Nikola Tesla sir I'm electrical engineering Student. We miss you Nikola sir

  5. Nicole tesla wanted to give his inventions four free to the world. But in this world nothing can be free!!!🇮🇹

  6. Don’t be like Tesla: 1) Get paid 2) Get paid in cash, up front 3) Get a woman who will remind you to get paid (she will demand money for silly things like a piece of property, raising children, health insurance, retirement fund, etc. but the net gain will be positive) 4) You can make billions of people’s lives immeasurably better; you might even be able to invent something that could World Peace; but don’t forget to get paid, son!

  7. Rest in peace nikola and thank you for all you have given the world even tho your name has been kept hidden

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