Nightwish – The poet and the pendulum (Live) (Anette)

35 thoughts on “Nightwish – The poet and the pendulum (Live) (Anette)

  1. This is excellent, she's singing something written for her voice, and it works. Can't people just enjoy it?

  2. I also feel bad for Annette. She has a very bright voice that wasn’t well suited for Nightwish. I’ve seen several interviews with her, and she truly seems like a really nice lady. She seemed really shocked at the sheer hatred for her on the web amongst NW fans.

  3. She sings ok but she can't hold a note very long. Marco who is a great singer is out shinning her and he's not trying to. Annette has more of a pop sound.

  4. I'll be honest, I was not expecting this to be as good as it was. I watched the Wacken 2013 version first, so I was expecting Anette to suck. guess what? She didn't. Her style was different, to be sure. Did I think it was as good as the Wacken 2013? No, but, I will admit there were some parts that I enjoyed as much, if not better than how Floor sang them.

    One other thing I will mention, is that Marko's vocals were not as good (IMHO) during this performance as what he did during the 2013 performance. They were not as dynamic as the aforementioned.

    I loved the choral parts in this performance.

  5. Annette has such a pretty voice listening to her live was amazing. I don't think recordings make justice to her voice. I loved her Nemo version and poet and the pendulum became my favorite song ever!

  6. I really tried hard to get along with Anette … but no success. 🙁
    Besides her voice (which is great but just doesn't fit to Nightwish) it's also a simple thing like her outfit: Sorry, a greenish 80s Italian style dress (those shoulders!) in front of an epic/symphonic metal band? Seriously?
    Here's an excellent comparison to Floor which I think shows what I mean (Anette even didn't sing the aria-like chorus at the end of it … but Floor did!):

  7. There is so much difference between this version and Floors version, Annette is singing this on the limit of her range. If you hear Floors version there is also more Emotion, that makes it the rollercoaster feeling, this is just a nice version. Floor is the only perfect singer for this band, she is versitile. She can do POP, Operettic, Opera, Rock and also Growling (Grunting). Floor tops both previous singers, but that is my honest opinion.
    Tarja was to much Opera, Anette, to Poppy and Floor is the perfect mix

  8. Everyone is crying about the singers… Can't we just take a moment to appreciate the MASTERPIECE that Toumas created here

  9. I stop listening the ''new'' Nightwish because of Anette, till 2016-2017 that I realised that they change singer again. When I heard Floor… I felt in love again with Nightwish and her voice. I don't care if Anette has a good voice or not. I thing that she never fitted with Nightwish. I thing Floor fits amazing with Nightwish, even from Tarja (I know some of you will get mad with me). Floor gave something magical even in the old Tarjas' songs. In my opinion Floor Jansen is the best thing that ever happens to Nightwish.

  10. Tarja, Annette, & Floor are in leagues of their own. Talented individuals. Its a matter of taste or preference.

  11. I Cannot ever hear this version again!! Floor has my heart with Nightwish forever!! Don't get me twisted I Loved the albums Annette made with Nightwish made me fall in love with this band, but then Came Floor….. damn her voice and damn my opinion! Annettes new band is pretty badass though!

  12. Lol at Tuomas @ looking over at Anette like wtf this part is not supposed to be in your normal singing voice!

  13. I like Floor, but, I swear, the 'new fandom' is really pissing me off. Where were all of those jerk-offs when Floor was with After Forever? Never heard a word. These bandwagon jumpers can jump right off. Annette and Tarja were both great as well.

  14. Well, Annete vs Floor aside, Marco really screwed up this performance. His part is horrible.

    For the rest, she is a different singer than Floor and they can't really be compared. It is unfair to spit on her, the band chose her knowing what her style was and that style was not that of Nightwish. The band is to blame, not Annete.

  15. i love anette voice in this song. it doesn't feel like listening to a cover song 😅 yeah, i know the new singer is better (technically much better). she's awesome, but i like anette voice more

  16. She has poor pitch, poor breath control, she over used vocal flourishes because she isn’t confident in her voices ability to keep the note on pitch.
    But all that could be put aside if there was some passion and emotion in the song, she might as well be singing a shopping list.

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