Nightwish (Poet and the Pendulum) Live 2016 Wembley Arena: Kel-n-Rich FIRST REACTION

35 thoughts on “Nightwish (Poet and the Pendulum) Live 2016 Wembley Arena: Kel-n-Rich FIRST REACTION

  1. Miss Floor Jansen voice has brought tears to many men and yes the ladies too. That's why she is a metal goddess.

  2. Nightiwsh is my all time favourite band since i discovered them back in the late 90s. This is the only song in the world that has ever brought a tear to my eye. Not just this song but this particular version with Floor singing live. If you know the history of the band and the deep meaning of the words, it hits you really hard.

  3. Marco's beard – interesting first comment! Floor is 6ft 1in – make sure the size is right for Kel's outfit! Tuomas put his heart and soul into this work. The Greatest Show on Earth is as much about his origins as it is about Evolution of Life on Earth. Every Nightwish song has a thought inside which, when recognised, makes it a Masterpiece. Good call about playing eyes-closed, Kel! Ditto!

  4. Thank god for reaction videos or I wouldn’t have found Nightwish last year. Can’t wait to see them in the states. Hope they tour again soon.

    I think if your going to react to NW, it has to be to a video/live video. Amazing sound has to be accompanied but amazing visuals.

  5. You need to watch the version of Poet and the Pendulum which is available with lyrics overlaid o he video. The experience when seeing the poetry takes it to another level.

  6. The original singer Tarja was from 1996 to 2005, second singer Annette Olsen 2007 to 2012, Current singer Floor Jansen 2013 to now but has toured with them since 2012. First album was Angels Fall First 1997. Evanescence first album Fallen (similar title) in 2003. Enjoy the info. Later

  7. #painintheask Everygrey 2 songs to start off "A Touch of Blessing" and "Orbit". Then Arch Enemy "The Eagle Flies Alone" and "War Eternal". Plus Anything by Epica, Unsun, Delain, Within Temptation, and Eyes Leaves, and last but not least Paramore. That should be enough for now. Enjoy. Later.

  8. You must be a very happy couple just as I am happily married for 35 years and like you my wife and I love the same music. And when we hear that song, we both run into tears.

  9. Well it seems I've been on a Kel-n-Rich binge for hours now, your reactions are great, listening to all the great songs by my favorite bands. I am personally 2 weeks away from the Dream Theatre concert which I am seeing with my wife and my oldest son. I do have a request, please react to The Great Escape by Seventh Wonder

  10. At first, I love your reaction videos… You show so much passion for the music! 🙂
    But what I really love is the connection and love between both of you, this is just too cute! <3
    Lots of love from Germany!

  11. This dude is closing to his 60's… Man he looks good for his age. Nightwish has been around for about 25 years…

  12. Evanescence started about 1998 in the USA…but they didn't get big till 2002. Nightwish started 1995, but in Finland. Not even sure they knew of each other Until the 2000's. Floor and Amy (both born in '81) is only a few months age wise, but Floor was with in Holland with her band After Forever until 2010. She met Nightwish in '02 when they toured together when Tarja was in Nightwish. Fast forward to 2012 (and 2 Nightwish singers), Floor was only meant to finish the tour when they feel out with their 2nd singer, Annette…but towards the end of the tour, it was decided, Floor was the new singer

  13. '95-96 Nightwish started. Evanescence had nothing to do with the start of symphonic metal nor are they even metal. In America metal was practically dead when grunge was prevalent but the rest of the world kept metal going. 90% of the metal I listened to back then was European. Overall I still perfer European metal than American metal, they're generally more musical.

  14. As you probably know, that swinging blade is the slowly descending pendulum used as a torture device by the Spanish Inquisition in Edgar Allan Poe's famous story "The Pit and the Pendulum" (1842).

  15. Lol at comparing Amy Lee to Floor. Maybe to Annette but imho if Annette sang to her strengths shed crush Amy Lee. Almost ALWAYS watch live shows first feel and experience the songs. Digest them later and you actually appreciate it I have been to over 300metal shows in the US since 1980.

  16. Gonna be a pain in the ask…… You have to check out Nightwish – Storytime live @wacken 2013.
    You'll love it.

  17. I am a huge Amy Lee fan but even I have to admit Floor can sing symphonic metal better. They are the two best and the two pioneers of this type of music. Both are great but because of Nightwsh's total performance they are the masters of this amazing newer genre of music. You would not be disappointed seeing either of the bands they are both great.

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