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tonight the deadly plane crash in Hawaii harrowing moments after a skydiving plane plunges and explodes just after takeoff killing 11 new tonight the same exact plane spun out of control three years ago breaking news ferocious flash floods sweep through parts of Missouri and danger in the region is not over yet presidential candidate mayor Pete Budaj confronts issues of race right at home after a police shooting there leads to protests in his hometown the terrifying bath of an out-of-control hot-air balloon smashing into a crowd during a weekend festival a new twist in the saga of an American medical student who disappeared for almost a week in Mexico he speaks out for the first time tonight I thought my life was over leaving more questions than answers and hitting it big in the lottery how thousands were able to pick just the right numbers this is NBC Nightly News with Kate snow good evening there are new questions tonight about a plane carrying skydivers that crashed north of Honolulu and whether that exact same plane had another close call just a few years ago today a makeshift memorial grew larger at the site where that plane suddenly plunged to the ground Friday night killing all 11 people on board our Ngati Schwartz is in Hawaii yeah good evening Kate a lot of questions as to how this plane carrying 11 people could have crashed before even clearing this airfield witnesses say the plane was taking off this way when somehow it turned upside down crashing right into the ground here as NTSB investigators now gather to start combing through the debris on the North Shore of Oahu the deadliest civilian plane crash in Hawaii in nearly 30 years and now staggering heartache Galen Rick Severson were two of the first to rush to the crash site when a skydiving plane plummeted to the ground just after takeoff Friday I'd never forget the sound of the crash the impact in fire so powerful most of the aircraft was incinerated and some family members of the victims watched helplessly nearby among those who perished Casey Williamson a videographer who moved to Honolulu to pursue a life of skydiving instructor Larry Lemaster he leaves behind a young son and 36 year-old Daniel Herndon also an instructor with more than 4,000 jumps family members saying they died doing what they loved now as the NTSB begins its investigation there are new questions about whether this plane was fit to fly the NTSB planning to review this disturbing video coming to light appearing to show the same plane nearly crashing during another skydiving jump in 2016 the video posted to YouTube revealing panic inside the aircraft as it started to spin uncontrollably over California then a scramble to jump out while pieces of a wing fell out of the sky the pilot landing safely but the plane heavily damaged the FAA blaming pilot error for failure to maintain airspeed well look at the repairs that were made on the aircraft and inspections to make sure that it was air worthy before it was able to begin operations again apart from those repairs the NTSB says they're going to be looking into other factors like actions of the pilot weather conditions as well as the plane's weight before it took off okay daddy Schwartz out in Hawaii got a thank you breaking news out of the Midwest now a raging flash flood swept through parts of the southwest of southwest Missouri today as 34 million people are at risk for more severe weather tonight Morgan Chesky has the latest tonight a flash flood emergency in southwestern Missouri following days of pounding rain the water is rising covering roads and threatening homes there's the bridge in hard-hit Anderson Missouri a flash flood washed out this bridge we're seeing some of the worst flooding I've ever seen in Anderson trees are down there are also reports of drinking water being contaminated with officials urging residents to boil water before drinking overall in southwestern Missouri five plus inches of rain fell in just three hours 2019 has been especially wet for the Midwest region with Arkansas and Missouri receiving an average year's worth of rain in less than six months and the severe weather isn't over yet more severe rain is expected tonight oh my gosh residents on alert enough rain may fall this in parts of the Arkansas and Missouri rivers back out over their banks Morgan Chesky NBC News President Trump begins this week having called off deportation raids across the country and having called off a military strike on Iran leaving big questions about what happens next on both of those major fronts NBC's Ron Allen has more President Trump is back at the White House from briefings at Camp David after two dramatic policy reversals today demanding Democrats negotiate a border deal in two weeks where thousands of undocumented migrants will be rounded up and deported we want to end the days where where people believe they can come into the country mmm make a claim of asylum and then be released into the country on their own recognizance only – only to vanish into the nation Democrats pushing back House speaker Pelosi saying time is needed for comprehensive immigration reform the standoff in Washington as disturbing reports from the border emerge about conditions in u.s. facilities advocates claiming there's not enough food water or sanitation we are seeing sick children we are seeing dirty children we are seeing hungry children the president UNMIK the press you're not even schooling these kids anymore doing a fantastic job under the circumstances the Democrats aren't even approving giving us money also on Monday the president expected to slap another round of sanctions on Iran after calling off a military attack new reports today the u.s. launched a cyber attack and Iran's missile systems I'm not looking for war and if there is it'll be obliteration like you've never seen before and a huge battle continues this week in Congress over billions of dollars to fund various border issues including humanitarian aid with no agreement in sight hey Ron Allen at the White House for us tonight Ron thank you one of the Democrats running for president mayor Pete Budaj came under fire today in South Bend Indiana his hometown at issue relations between the police and the black community there after a deadly police shooting Garrett Haake has that far from the campaign trail tonight an angry and emotional Town Hall for South Bend mayor and presidential candidate Pete Budaj the street some residents furious over the father's day shooting of a black man named Eric Logan killed by a white police officer whose body camera was turned off if anyone who is on Patrol is shown to be a racist or to do something racist in a way that is substantiative that is their last day on the street who de jedge has spent most of the last week off the campaign trail attempting to manage the fallout from the shooting the mayor has agreed to support an outside investigation and faces demands to fire officers involved this weekend the rest of the Democratic field campaigned here in South Carolina with frontrunner Joe Biden attempting to clarify controversial comments he made last week about working with segregationist senators I do understand the consequence of the word boy but it wasn't said in any of that context at all fellow candidate Cory Booker reacting this morning I heard from many many African Americans who found the comments hurtful matters of race taking center stage in a presidential contest entering its biggest week yet Garrett Haake NBC News Columbia South Carolina and a reminder most of the Democratic candidates will appear on Wednesday and Thursday of this week in the first presidential debate that's here on NBC Harry Smith has been talking with a lot of the Democratic contenders about the one issue that really motivates them and tonight he talks with Montana governor steve bullock for our series my big idea what's your big idea so my big idea is ending dark money spending our elections if there is one thing Montana Governor Steve Bullock wants Democrats to know it's that he is the only candidate in the field who won office in a trump State he tells voters that as he introduces himself we met the governor in Chicago yeah I want a combo taking time to grab lunch at the Landmark Manny's deli you know I've been 10 years in public office I've been traveling as candidate for president no one has ever come up to me in a place like this or anywhere else and said you know what I don't think there's enough money in our elections or I don't think there's enough spending as president Bullock would sign an executive order requiring corporations to disclose money spent toward Elections and he wants a constitutional amendment overturning Citizens United the Supreme Court ruling that allows for nearly unlimited spending in politics is this differentiator enough for you most folks if you walked around mani's they don't care about campaign spending but they care about the fact like last year's tax cuts whoever cleans up this place tonight paid more in taxes last year than 60 of Fortune 500 companies did they care about the economy's not working for them they see it rigged and then they look at the political system per leaf and it's over rod with undisclosed money and corporate spending getting rid of dark money that Steve Bullock's big idea Harry Smith NBC News Chicago the mystery of what happened to the American medical student who disappeared in Mexico deepened tonight Jesse Pacheco spoke out for the first time late today after vanishing for five days after his friend was killed but tonight he says he doesn't remember what happened here's Kathy Park for the first time were seeing and hearing from the medical school graduate who vanished a week ago in western Mexico after a night of violence I thought my life was over Jesse Pacheco appeared with his mother and cousin in Arkansas this afternoon visibly shaken I can't recall anything I mean it was just a complete blackout I take or Jesse hours after receiving his medical degree in Guadalajara the 29 year old went celebrating with a friend at this nightclub but when they left Mexican officials say a group of people attacked beating shooting and killing his medical school friend Carlos de gallo meanwhile Pacheco was nowhere to be found his family back in Arkansas pleaded for his safe return we were just you know where heat anxiety you know it's just stressed out you know obviously we always had hope that you know he was out there somewhere five days would pass until Mexican authorities say he reappeared an airport camera captured him leaving the country with his mother but tonight his family not sharing how they were all reunited we honestly don't know what happened he himself doesn't know with his friends dad's still a mystery the family says they've had no contact with Mexican authorities adding that the FBI is aware of the situation tonight a family grateful to have their son back at home but left with more questions than answers Kathy Park NBC News there were protests today at the Santa Anita racetrack in Southern California it's under new scrutiny tonight after another horse died there that is the xxx death since December and now a Hall of Fame trainer has been banned here Steve Patterson tonight's outrage following the death of another horse at California's Santa Anita racetrack the xxx horse to die since the season began in late December we want horse racing to end there is no reform there is no compromise it has sent the deaths have marred the reputation of one of the country's most storied race venues leading track owner Distronic group to bar Hall of Fame trainer Jerry Holland or Ferg after the latest death of the track saying in a statement individuals who do not embrace the new rules and safety measures that put horse and rider safety above all else will have no place at any Stronach group racetrack NBC News reached out to Holland or fir but received no response after California governor Gavin Newsom said enough is enough the California Racing Board added a medical team to screen every horse in an effort to make sure they're fit to race but that may not be enough unfotunately you know it's part of the game that at some point you know some horses will get hurt the spike in fatalities here has led the more aggressive drug and safety rules and temporary closures to investigate what's going on but the owners were not willing to shut down racing for the rest of the season and so the show went on just this track it's not just 2019 this has been happening for years it happens that every track the catastrophic season at Santa Anita comes to an end tonight no closer to solving a devastating mystery Steve Patterson NBC News Arcadia California late word tonight that legendary romance novelist Judy Judith Krantz has died after an early career as a journalist and fashion editor Krantz went on to publish ten novels that sold more than 85 million copies in 50 languages many of them adapted for television Judith Krantz was 91 years old still ahead tonight panic at a weekend celebration as a hot air balloon smashes into a crowd also the biggest payout in North Carolina Lottery history after more than 2,000 people picked the same winning numbers and you are going to want to hear what those numbers were we're back with some terrifying moments this weekend as a hot air balloon crashed into a crowd of people at a celebration in Northeast Missouri remarkably there were no serious injuries NBC's Blaine Alexander has that story it didn't take long for an excited crowd to realize this hot air balloon was coming in too close too fast at Saturday's bicentennial celebration in Hannibal Missouri it was the last balloon landing of the day here you see the balloon hit the ground the pilot nearly thrown from the basket almost immediately it's airborne again crashing through a tree cutting through this crowd of people as they dive to get out of the way including one woman who appears to be holding a child finally a group of bystanders are able to chase the balloon down and pull it to the ground it went flying in between two other trees and you could see people kind of scattering and you could hear gasps from the crowd amazingly officials say there were only a few minor injuries the event organiser says high wind is likely to blame telling NBC News the pilot is FAA certified but in the past other hot air balloon incidents have proven more serious even deadly including this 2014 crash killing three people near Richmond Virginia and this one three years ago in Austin Texas killing all 16 on board but experts say because hot air balloon travel is FAA regulated the industry is generally quite safe pilots for hot-air balloons like every other airman anyone utilizing the National Airspace System they have to be licensed back in Missouri day two of the festival canceled high winds keeping balloons grounded today after a landing that came much too close Layne Alexander NBC News in a moment another scare this past week for a town where a lot of people worried about the there was another alarming episode this week at a huge US steel plant outside Pittsburgh afire knocking out a Pollution Control system triggering new health concerns in an area where the air is already among the worst in the country and Thompson tonight on how it unfolded with already some of the worst air quality in the country growing concerns in Clairton Pennsylvania about what's coming out of this u.s. steel plant it was like a burning rubber taste in the back of my mouth last week for the second time in six months fire knocked out pollution controls at the century-old coke plant where coal is turned into coke the fuel that makes steel some neighbors say the emissions are making them sick it makes you nauseous sometimes I feel like I'm going to faint after the first fire on Christmas Eve destroyed the pollution controls high levels of sulfur dioxide a respiratory irritant were spewed into the air as the plant kept attorney now coke for nearly four months the County Health Department issued an air quality warning the breathe projects mat mihalick also tracked the sulphur dioxide levels it's essentially just burning it openly in the air and it was massive amounts and quantities pollution controls finally went back on in April and US Steel showed us the repairs in may sir is this plant a good neighbor it is we are committed to our customers to our employees into the communities in which we live and work but David metal sees trouble on his house that's one day from yesterday to today Krista googler sees it in her son's health my youngest gets a lot of sore throats and my oldest has been complaining of his eyes burning are those legitimate complaints in the wake of the fire so we have heard those complaints and we've also heard from other community members who have engaged with us as to how that they can be more informed and engaged as to what we're doing after this latest fire the blue controls were back on within a day and the air deemed safe by the county but Trust is already a casualty for Christa googler it shouldn't be something that children have to deal with because of the air an ongoing concern in the heart of Steel country an Thompson NBC News Clairton Pennsylvania switching gears what are the odds of this in North Carolina's pick for lottery game last night there were more than 2000 winning tickets depending on the type of ticket people bought worth either 5,000 or 2,500 bucks the winning numbers 0 0 0 0 you heard right the total payout 7.8 million is a record for this lottery surpassing the previous record when the winning numbers were wait for it 1 1 1 1 yep when we come back making art come alive with a young painter who creates living masterpieces finally tonight let's meet a young artist with an unusual vision for her a painting isn't just something you hang on a wall Molly hunter shows us Elizabethton easy most sees the world differently than other 12 year olds unidentified world of art and she'll tell you about it well for me actually art is another way to express myself to follow my dream and just be me she started painting at the ripe old age of two had a museum exhibit by age 7 and now her art fetches up to $13,000 apiece but nothing this California girl does is as it seems these are my paintings uh-huh what's over here my dad built me this stage for my living art that's right living art it's called tableau vivant I just did like very very long time ago and actually the story in theaters she creates a multimedia multi-dimensional fleeting masterpieces drawing on inspiration from the greats I want to have fun and paint and literally every single style imagined and all the styles she creates her own impressionist style scenes involving very real subjects and today it's my turn first she paints her background and props it might take days weeks even a month then she paints the clothes perfect here we go and then she paints the person it's just like applying found eating on a very big amount that's the living bit so what kind of painting am i fitting into Impressionism with a mix of the styles of bungle and Paul Deegan and finally as the artist adds her finishing touches her mom captures the moment so that clique and this one and well this one too are the final products just as the great impressionist would have done Molly Hunter NBC News Los Angeles right muhuali that is NBC Nightly News on the Sunday night Lester Holt will be back with you tomorrow I'm Kate snow for all of us at NBC have a great night NBC News fans thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching

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