Nightcore – ROOM 112 (Lyrics)

100 thoughts on “Nightcore – ROOM 112 (Lyrics)

  1. Do the song " angry too " by lola blanc I LOVE U SO MUCH😍😍
    My day was tiring had a ballet class aft a ballet class phew

  2. There's only one room I wanna go with u
    I don't reall have to assume
    Cause once were in this room all u think is "consume"😈
    Till its high noon
    Love this song🎧👏

  3. Nice brooo

  4. Bruh , Bruh , Bruh this is amazinggggggg 🔥 i can't Express my feelings for this song.

    What an Editing , what a miracle music .

    Everything is so muchhhh perfect . Soon going to addicted to it.

    Loveeeee Youuuuu Eidennnnn 👏💙💯

  5. It fine but with alot of things in family but fine how about you Eiden
    I only needed her but she slip through my fingers

  6. Jak zwykle łapka w górę 👍✨💙
    Ale za fajną piosenkę i twoją swietną pracę specjalne serduszko ode mnie. 💙
    (Specjalne ponieważ moje ulubione z powodu koloru ,a to dla takich super osób jak ty!💙)

  7. still waiting for the song I asked you for and you said you will upload it soon 💙 (it’s Numb-Linkin Park if you don’t remember me anymore)

  8. You know in my test here was a question asking the name of cricket ground which got his name after Emily and Fanny.
    There are four options i have to chose one . Third option is Eden Gardens . Then I remembered you and give answer. (it is right answer ) Thank you Eiden to be an Youtuber and come in my life . (Eden gardens are present in kolkata) love you bro!

  9. This song is so catchy 😊 also I watched anime that you made "Legends never die" nightcore and that anime was so good 😊 thanks mate 😁

  10. I'm very extremely late xD Thank you for this, Eiden. I appreciate it as always and it's always beautiful. I really love it very much ♥ 👏😄 How was your day today?

  11. I am going to annoy you till you tell me why you said: „ah sh** here we go again😂“ ! Wdym by that? You meant me and my sis right?

  12. EU:what kind of anime at the beginning of the video is where the video is? not art pictures.
    RU:что за аниме в начале видео там где видео? а не арт картинки.

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