Nightcore – Rise (Lyrics)

This video includes lyrics on the screen

100 thoughts on “Nightcore – Rise (Lyrics)

  1. If I had words to describe your talent, it would be stupendous and awesome! Everytime I see one of your new videos I watch it because I know that Eiden XII made these.. You inspire me.. @brijayforever on snap if you wanna talk dude.. You got this.. Now rise up..

  2. I have never watched any anime ( if one punch man counts as that then yes I have ) but this is so cool . Pls tell me how and which anime should I watch

  3. I never really comment and this’ll probably get lost in the comments but I absolutely love these kinds of songs and they help me get through the day!! Keep up the good work

  4. LETS RISE MY FIGHTERS AND GAURDS!!! this your moment~~ 😘 NOW RISE!!! 👊 | Amazing job and nice editor it good (manga) song video thing 😂✨👏

  5. OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE THIS♡ it was really cool to see this because this was the first anime I ever watched

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