Nightcore – Phoenix (Lyrics)

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  1. Are u gonna die or make it out? thats the question but a thing is sure, Eiden want me to fall in love with his channel more❤❤❤

  2. I love the effects you used! And I don't think I've heard this song before so thank you for introducing it to me 🌟

  3. create a channel on Spotify and put the songs in there, because Nightcore songs on Spotify are very limited, and you can still hear them playing. Note: Google Translate

  4. I came as soon as I saw …..To listen and hit the like button!! AOT one of the best anime!! ♥♥
    Me: so are you gonna die today? ~~
    Also Me: nah, maybe once mother sees our grades then we'll die😂😂

  5. "Well, kid, what you gonna do now?"

    I’m going to watch more of these videos because they are awesome af! ❤️😎

  6. i don't have so much words but all i gonna say is this was super super super amazing work 😀
    you really made me wanna cry i meant i didn't expect that it will be my favorite anime ( i can't wait for season 4 ) ioi

  7. I've literally seen millions but I never get how u get the sounds and pictures. Do u sing and draw the pics or something………….

  8. You are the best in the field of songs💖💖🤩🤩🤩

    I'm sorry my English is not good😅😅

    but you are the best🤩🤩🤩

  9. Mkay. Hey, it's TheSavageBri… And I think you are so amazing…. You got what it takes to become a Youtube legend…. I would probally die today because I can take this pain I 've had in my life for so long…. I would finally be able to get rid of it…

  10. I love your songs, this is already in the playlist, thank you inspirpu me to create a music channel, I love your work 😍💕

  11. Come on tell me the day when your birthday is. Plssss I don't need the month or the year I just wanna know the day.💙 plssssss Eiden plsss🥺!!

  12. So are you gonna die today or make it alive

    Me:in real life having these titans and bulls ill die
    Me:but in dream ill make it alive

  13. Why die now? Life is short and even so it has a lif of suprises for us! Maybe someone out there needs ypu and ypu need him/her. So why dont live longer?

  14. Im so glad i subbed on your channel. Your vids are always so interesting. Love the anime and the music ❤🎧

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