Nightcore – Assassin (Au/Ra) (Lyrics)

27 thoughts on “Nightcore – Assassin (Au/Ra) (Lyrics)

  1. I can be ur assassin but still u don't need my help Nightcore Artemis😋😍😍😍

    Amazing upload as always and keep the great work up my friend😘💘💘💘

  2. Male voice or female? She sings so low and when it’s sped up I can’t tell if you sped up a male voice or female 😂😂😂😂

  3. This is a great song. I'm here from the ELITE trailer but does anyone else think this song would also fit in perfectly with the "13 Reasons Why" series.. It's an emotional roller-coaster on the show and this fits with the "your own assassin" part as some teens, particularly the jocks, in the show were ruining their own lives by making choices that could and would define them forever; someone's tragic demise and others not so much.

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