Nickelback – Far Away (lyrics)

40 thoughts on “Nickelback – Far Away (lyrics)

  1. “Stop breathing if I don’t see you anymore” some people die because of love ♥️🤷🏾‍♂️

  2. 2020…. I'm from the future bitches.. we all get back the ones that got away… those of us that aren't scared of restraining orders anyway

  3. Speaking through songs again boo. I've always known and so has our babies. One day…we will dance barefoot on the grass, doll. I've got that Lion heart that you gave me, remember…it is talking.

  4. If your love holds true then it will never die , if it wavers then it has the possibility of going away and leaving a void that is almost impossible to fill I wish for all of you wonderful people to find your happiness and I hope that it stays with it

  5. Back then 6 years ago, when i had a long distance realationship, sad that this song brings back my past… a past of happiness and pain.. 6 years had past and im still single.. i moved on but afraid to try again… women nowadays so hard to handle..

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