Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – We Call Upon The Author (Live at LSO St Lukes) BBC 4

36 thoughts on “Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – We Call Upon The Author (Live at LSO St Lukes) BBC 4

  1. I've been there.
    But since I've started listening to more kinds of music and adding more effects in my own guitar playing, I fucking love it.
    I hope you will too one day, but in the end, it's taste. But taste can change. So who knows 🙂

  2. I think Warren fits the records just fine, but youre right; in this manner and in concert, hes way too much in Einstürztende Neubauten-mode haha. 🙂

  3. Man, this song is so awesome!
    Heard it at JB this morning and its made me take Dig Lazarus Dig out of the vaults again and listen to it all over againg.
    What a great album.
    We Call Upon The Author, Albert Goes West..its all pure brilliance.
    In a world today saturated with mass-marketed, talentless, weak shit, this is like a sledgehammer blow of originality and awe.
    Nick Cave is an absolute legend!!

  4. yea man i used to go to st lukes and nick taught me bass and drams yah.fuck off tossers nicks from the birthday party.or partae yaa

  5. I love Nick and the Seeds, but I can't help but feel that Warren basically screws up the songs with his… noise. I've tried to get it, I've tried to understand, I just don't. I don't think it is something anyone can explain, I will just have to "get it" one day. LOVE the bass in this song!!

  6. @foleyxl18 If you'd actually attempted to read my comment, you would have realised that I said that Nick Cave *hasn't* gone stale or predictable. Refrain from = avoid, if that helps your limited English skills.

  7. That Mr. Cave is able to refrain from going stale and predictable in his writing, and actually manage to write one of his very best lyrics this late in his career is so amazing to me.

  8. Calling on the idiot false Kings!!!! Explain!!! Underestimate the forgotten LOONATICS! (While you were were f'getting to be human, forgetting us..) go ahead.. underestimate. winks and nudges.. idiot judges.

  9. When they played this at Oxegen in 2009, it was like a wall of air hitting you when the distortion hit in, it was fucking insane!

  10. @theoriginaljeffro

    That's true, have you seen Grinderman on Jools Holland playing Heathen Child ? It's so good ! The violin gets raped during it.

  11. Bukowski was a jerk. Berryman was best. But he went the hemming(way.) Wierdly, on wings, and with maximum pain. And we call upon the author to explain. Right, I'm off to bed. Nick Cave is pretty fucking good, though.

  12. He he he ! 1 for my favourites ! Thanking You alrighty! Delighted…If I smiled anymore I would be sitting in a tree! Gotta love those crazy F.X changes! I better shut up now….he he !

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